Sunday, January 29, 2017


Recall when Scribner told principals that Karen Molinar would be the go to person for any concerns from them, etc.?  Then Karen follows up with an email showing training dates that are the only ones available to teachers and not taking requests from principals.  Teachers are complaining that the quality of the training is lacking.  The sessions are a waste of time and were better last year.  People are afraid to speak to upper management.  So the purpose of Karen was to listen to the people on the ground, yet no support for the principals running the schools every day who know what they need.

So what happened to utilizing the people at central office to help the campuses?  Dr. Sutherland, can we get some help on this, why are requests being denied?  Scribner told us why he was moving resources around and it seems that schools are being left to burn and tend to themselves.  They are not able to use money to get help at all and now the district doesn't help them either.  Don't blame the principals for the failings come test time because they have made the requests and Karen has denied them.

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