Sunday, January 22, 2017


We are witnessing the unraveling of what we have said over and over again:

Unethical conduct, Nepotism, Incompetence and much more on the board and leadership that has done nothing to correct anything.

The STEM/VPA school is a debacle from the beginning when the land issue came in play.  Needham and cronies were involved to make a few bucks.

Now comes Scriber who was UPSET at the principal meeting and we did call around to verify some of the things we heard happened.  In summary he is upset that he is being played by the board and was taken off course to do stuff for the city and not what he wanted to do (this is what he says).  Now he is going to get rid of departments that are a waste.  He has already told a few people that they are not coming back and we will try and find out the names.  One for sure that we heard is Mia Hall, again we will find out.  Remember that she wrote the plans for the Turnaround schools and it was a failure when the state rejected them and told the board to come to training.  We told you so!

*The Department where Jerry Moore is working with Camp Community and using district resources to make Ramos' company richer needs to go.  What is the purpose of the department? Show us the data where it has impacted student achievement.

*Scribner told the principals that board members have come up to him and told him he can't close such department because their children work there.  We all know that, lots of family members from the board work in FWISD.

*The Department where Ramos' mentor and friend, Juan Garcia, created just for him, needs to go.  This also goes to YAP where his circle of friends work.

*Can we dismantle the layers in departments.  Why do directors of small departments need so many administrative assistants?  Do away with assistant directors and have the directors do the job they get heavily paid for.  Once that happens there will be plenty of savings.

*Let's look at revamping discipline department or area altogether.  Sutherland posted an incident at SHS where a big fight happened and the complaint is that FWISD will not get rid (perhaps send to alternative) of the students.  We have said this for the past 8+ years that there are not preventive measures nor anything to support emotional kids... That in itself is 50% or more of the problems in schools and there has never been enough support nor care by anyone.

*We heard that Cherie Washington, Chief of Secondary Schools, her husband has been hired as a sub principal.  So how is that not nepotism?  Cashing in folks!!

*Settle the Palazzolo case.  Stalling will not make it go away.  The case is going back to Wise County where it was won the first time years ago.

* We hear Cinto Ramos is out recruiting people to run for the board which of course are his own people.  He is backed by the elite in FW as we are told and helping his own friends will only secure things continue as they are.

*Apparently Moss is not running again and someone will be running against Robbins.  Can't wait!

*END achieve 3000 and Smarty P(ANTS)-waste of money and killing our students.

*We heard Needham is in a drug rehab place, very ill.  She had a doctor's excuse for missing training.

*Tobi, our two hour bus rider, has already declared herself President of the Board come May.

So Scribner, if you have woken up, welcome!   It is time to purge and cleanse FWISD or you won't get anywhere.  Yes they will fight you but you by law are the one that runs the district and well you have a long contract so you have nothing to lose.  You will get your money if they try to get rid of you.  There are plenty of friends of board members working in the district- if you did tell a few its time then go ahead because plenty of ones that left and care for kids- are ready to return but the cronies are keeping them out.  It is time to end the bullying of our workers.

***Anyone with more information email and we will update it here

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