Sunday, January 29, 2017


There is confirmation of our comments and stories regarding the TCU scholarships given to a handful of student including Jacinto Ramos' son.  We formulated various theories and reasons why he may or may not have been deserving but we focused on the one where Ramos has influence and connections to make it happen.

So it happens that Tony Martinez, the Principal of North Side High School moved mountains to ensure that Ramos' son qualified for the TCU scholarship.  He pulled a lot of strings at the request of Ramos bypassing many deserving students.  Remember these are students who have great financial need and who have outstanding records.  While the son may have a good record, financially they were not suffering regardless of the community they live in.  Ramos has made enough money on the job he only works two hours a day and also from consulting and any other backhand money he gets.

So yeah we knew it was too good to be true.  A Con Man exemplifying the example to his children that it's ok to cheat the system for your own good.

Principal Martinez

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