Sunday, January 8, 2017


We are not sure what the exact plan for improvement is since nothing has been revealed nor will it be.  The plans will be kept secret and only given a summary of good praises at each board meeting.  The set goal of 2025 for full improvement, while a goal, is by far out of reach without efficient and specific ways to do so.  Tell us ADMIN how will you do that when you can't even get the current students the resources they need and you change programs every year.  Unless Scribner is going to get a 10+ years contract then we will only have it changed yet again.  And for sure we don't need him here if he has shown that in one year he is already incompetent.  

Tell us at this point how the metrics look, what the data says on how so far we have met 2025 goals.
You see Board Members, it doesn't magically happen when the same people who got us here are still in power.  You seem to hold onto the same people because they know the corruption and will sell you out.  SO it's not because of the children, it's because of the nepotism and lack of ethics that abound in FWISD that we have problems.  There is always someone else to blame and that will continue to show itself once results come out.  You have no idea how to play in this accountability game because you are inept.

So now you are not ready nor will you be ready to improve anything for students.  Scribner sold out in many ways, stopping the audit as a favor for Medusa and covered everything else.  Just look at the people who are having to clean up after each mess.  But why should you care, you have a hefty pay check each month.  

Don't call what you have values and care for our children because you are all LIARS!

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