Saturday, October 29, 2016


This story does not surprise us of course and we seem to repeat and repeat the same thing each time something happens.  The nipple pinching principal, teacher runs away with student, hired teachers with bad backgrounds and they just ship them away.  Can you imagine having a District of Innovation with more autonony?

The board had enough evidence that regardless of any sexual contact between Cole and the student, there was an improper relationship or comments made that violate the district's and state's code of conduct.  OPS even confirmed it.  Dansby did not want to hire him and the board pushed him to do so.

Palazzolo did not do anything close to his and they dug dirt on him and look at where we are.  The district board sets different standards for different people.  Here is someone known to violate rules and yet he is still employed.  As the board runs the district, it does not make sense that this is still happening.

So Tobi Jackson voted not to terminate and we know why, look at who voted for and against.

We know the ones who voted for termination did so for political reasons or a deal was made because Ramos has ties to the East Side.  Regardless, this should not have happened.  A young lady decided not to pursue because she was tired of the harassment and wouldn't doubt if the board members had something to do with it.  As you read the story, the grandmother wanted her to talk but she will not.  

Shame on you board!  We will remind you of the culture you have built during election time.  Where are the city leaders?  Where is the mayor, wait she loves Jackson so nothing there.  Where is the outrage from the parents? community?  

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