Tuesday, October 11, 2016




Dr. Sutherland posted on her blog what the district is considering soon if not already to be come a District of Innovation.  This hefty title is nothing more than gutting the rights that currently exist for teachers and many employees.  Keep in mind that central admin people are not affected in any way because they hold the power and it always boils down to the workers who are actually doing their job.

It is true that class sizes, teacher contracts and so forth can be affected because the district would be exempt from following them.  In some cases it may be no different than what they do for Bilingual or ESL classes when they ask for exemptions.   Some of the provisions of Innovation are meant to help districts recruit better or seek reprieve from some of the states dumb rules for certifications.  Yet that could go the other way and recruit people without certification while everyone else has already spent money and years to earn the right to be a teacher.

How can Fort Worth ask for this when they can't even get the basic things right?  The district, if the board approves the move, would need to create committees that have representation from all people in the district and eventually parents.  The board will need to have final approval once they have met the state requirements in the plan.  If we know Fort Worth, they will make it look like they are getting input and then dump it and go their way.

We can already see the board and central office filing their nails to get rid of the people they want.  The district would not have to go through the processes it has if protections for teachers are taken away.  We need to fight this however possible and parents need to as well because the board would have more power to do as they please without due process. They will spin this all they want and say it's for the children when nothing about it talks about supporting students monetarily or intentional with actual support.  This is a way to save money on the backs of teachers.

If you think trying to file complaints is hard now, might as well not even think it with the designation.  Authentic authoritarian rule would occur... Neeham and crew love it!

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