Saturday, November 5, 2016


Oh how ironic is life when it comes to the politicians that run our city and those that attempt to and are not qualified.

So have you heard about the state investigation into voter fraud from the past few local elections?

It so happens that we discussed how Tobi Jackson got elected twice which included raiding nursing homes and doing the same exact thing being alleged now.  Taking the mail ballots of the elderly and "helping" by showing how to vote and then mailing them.  It makes sense that Tobi won such a high vote in this last election when she is despised outside of her elite circle of friends.

Then comes Lon Burnam who lost his election against Ramon Romero for State Rep by not many votes.  He sued alleging voter fraud for the same thing, this time it was using iPads for voters to sign their ballots or documents when it is illegal.  He dropped the suit but oh here we go.

Folks, the Northside of town is run by the same people who were present at Romero's event, which were less than 30 because that's how they suppress the vote.  How do you think Ramos won?  It is no surprise of the dirty tactics the Mexican mafia uses against people who are not in their inner circle.  Now they are crying because, if found true, although we know it is, it opens a pandora box.  You can add every democrat official elected to the same tactics to include Espino and De Leon, etc.

Just watch their Facebook pages and look to see who supports them.  You have Domingo Garcia who is a fraud himself, look how he treated Veasey the first run at Congress.  Now you see the Mexican Mafia around Veasey, run far away from them.

The same voters they say they are protecting from the far right people are the same ones they use each election and then when they need help in between they are left to burn.  Just look at FWISD and how employees have been hurt by the Board and no one to help them.  Ramos is the leader and the rest of the cronies are running the district at their expense.  We want Hispanic representatives and they for sure are not quality by any means.

We hope the attorney general finds something wrong so that we can begin to cut the ties and start seeing some change.  Stand for Fort Worth- start raising the cash to run the crooks out.

Thank you FW Weekly!
How does it feel now Romero?

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