Thursday, October 13, 2016


Well the people making decision about what students need for some reason don't have experience or they forgot everything.  The latest debacle comes from Achieve 3000 purchased from a friend of a friend of Scribner and the person who thought Spanish support meant that it had a Spanish side for the dual language students, WRONG!  So the district purchased an expensive product that does not have what it needs and an email went out stating that there is another product purchased that could serve in the mean time while they get their crap together.  So where is the accountability? Who is getting fired for this?  No one because once in upper management you stay there, hence retire-rehires.  We will post the email sent to the schools if we get our hands on it...

Word has it that Ramos has decided to run again.  We figured he would because he has two kids that need to get into TCU so it may be a while unless he gets promoted to another position.  Interesting how he balances some Trump surrogates financing his way to re-election and say he is for the latinos.. that would be an interesting pitch.  Stand Fort Worth needs to put lots of pressure!

Stay awake everybody because they are planning how to clean house with teachers or employees they don't like if they can be exempt from many current laws that protect teachers.  Don't believe anything they say, they are liars.. We will be watching and call them out.

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