Tuesday, October 25, 2016

LYIN Jackson

Election time is a great opportunity for Board Members to come and lie to your face.  Letting you know that they have supported you and have done amazing things.  We know they lie because they don't even believe in students and for the most part believe that they deserve better.

We know Ramos' kids would not be in public schools had he not been a board member nor receive the perks that have come their way.  

Then we have Tobi who has had the luxury of moving her kids around the district to the best schools.  Now we find out that her kids have gone to The Oakridge School, a private school.  Then she posts on her twitter that she wants better playing fields and advocating for them.  She is pushing SPARC down the district's throat and Ramos YAP, yet it's not good enough for their own kids but push it for the rest.  

This is the disconnect that we have with the haves and have nots and Jackson and Ramos don't believe they fall into that category.. Both have lost the narrative of being for the people but only when it doesn't affect them.  Such a sad state of affairs people.

So overall they push programs to all FWISD children and sit on the sidelines getting perks on the backs of our kids.  

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