Thursday, October 6, 2016


We know that Scribner has lost any type of control of the district by allowing the board to run the district.  While he  may not want to get them mad, then why are you in charge?  Scribner said he would work with the board but run the district.  Nothing has changed.

So now we have three people who have become the untouchables

Kevin Green
*is paying himself overtime for work done by others, so he is breaking laws and policies

Look two exemplary people!

Michael Steinert
*bringing all his people from MHMR and we know all the crap that he has done or failed to do in support of students.

Kyle Davie
*Buying equipment and hiding it.  Remember there are warehouses full of them.  Neeham told Scribner to stop the audit and so now he can get away with anything.  Where is Sutherland?  I thought she was part of that committee.

These are Needham’s boys.

The audits have stopped by order of Needham into technology equipment, labor law violations, embezzlement and so forth.  Institutional racism is alive and well among other things happening to the people who get paid less and are asked to work more.

President Ramos, where are you?  Why are you not standing up for the people you claim to defend?  There are people being mistreated and yet you stay silent.  If you would stop traveling and actually talk to the people at the bottom you might learn that they are having it rough.  The employees below Central Office have no voice.  

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