Thursday, April 21, 2016


We tried to find a better title but our brains are dead after teaching all day and all year, so we settled for IDIOTS RAMOS AND PAZ.  We did feature them on their empire that is crumbling little by little but they wouldn't know it because they are so full of themselves.

Seems that our BAM President of the Board is building his group in the Diamond Hill area to begin with Garcia from Elder and situate people in the right places to overtake more for the empire. Yet Garcia doesn't know Spanish but is using the tutoring services of the FWISD to get Spanish lessons.
 This is a warning sign for PAZ as he is pushing them to her area basically to overthrow her.  Apparently he feels betrayed by her and so they are setting up the stage to beat her in the election next year.  Watch out Ashley cause the mafia is coming after you and when they play dirty it's over.  Use that MBA stuff and start planning.

It seems that Mafia team member Gerardo Contreras, relative of the president, spent his time working on Libby's campaign on the YAP clock.  So scratch my back and I'll rip yours off because they can.

Ramos is still bragging of being President for the foreseeable future but needs to place his people there.  He seems to appeal to his man of the people crap which basically translates into knowing people's weaknesses like the latino community and takes advantage of the fears and aspirations .  He claims to be their voice and shows something completely different.  A SELL OUT!  He works hand in hand with another idiot, Sal Espino who once hated him and dragged his name through the mud.  Politics is dirty but this is way past that.

We know that the district has avoided parents from the Northside because they actually have an interest in their community and continue to be shunned.  It so happens that a big discord surrounds M.H. Moore Elementary which is Paz territory but lots of Ramos influence there with the principal and certain influential people that have created a who's who type of place.  The principal Schultze has been reported for misuse of funds, using PTA funds to buy office furniture even when parents have objected.  There are iPads given for parent use but parents can't use them yet the principal has three computers in his office.
Students being bullied at the school by staff and everything is hush, hush.  Everything has been reported to OPS but we know that department is a laugh.  Staff is not allowed to speak out or with anyone.  The Mafia controls the area and you can't get out of line.  Get this: an employee there was falsely accused of an incident and a meeting was held with staff and students without the employee knowing until they had already made the decision to move the teacher.  So anyone considering going up North, better look to another place because it's dirty in those areas.  Parents, students and teachers are suffering because of it.  Yet the Ramos and Paz empire cares not.

By the way Paz, this posting you made regarding this park or whatever it is at M.H. Moore, all the people on the pictures celebrating this project had nothing to do with it.  It seems the ones without the credit did everything and you fell for it.  Says how much you are out of touch and how this will be used against you.  Better wake up!!

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