Thursday, April 21, 2016


This is not related to FWISD of sorts but the same individuals who are supporting the current FWISD system are crying out for representation at the city level.

The article given by Ramon Romero is laughable to cry wolf about the hispanic race card.  Using hispanics to springboard to other things and ignore the core issues that abound in this city.  You want to help the people Mr. Romero then do what you were voted to do.  Do what you say and not what is convenient.

Let's put it this way, the move to 10 districts allow more of the same people to covet those positions like Ramos, Romero, people tied to Espino and so on.  You forget that the people who finance your campaigns will only let you go as far as they want and you know money speaks in this town.  You forget where you live and what has been done to the hispanics in this city.  this is just a step to something else, which in Texas sir won't get you too far.  Enjoy the comfy chair you have now.... and stay in the closet.

We are not fooled, we know why people are put in positions, not by merit but by who you know.  FWISD has BAM Ramos and then you as someone who has nothing to show other than using this immigrant story or your parents who by all means will stand by you but it is clear that this story covers up the corruption that is rampant in this city and school district.

So once you truly help out teachers, students and citizens then we can agree with this.

We stand with the council not expanding the districts, not because we don't believe in democracy, but because the devil lurks and is ready to seize control.

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