Monday, April 11, 2016


So our own people can't do their job with their big salaries and now TFA is getting paid to do it. We got money to spend it looks like. Teachers can use a raise Mr Scribner. Can we use the overpaid secretaries to go recruit?  

just read this on Ann's blog

HCM? staff proposes to spend $1 million to hire 125 teachers

by Ann Sutherland on 04/09/16

Instead of sending letter s--or recruiters--to neighboring states which pay starting teachers in the $30,000-$40,000 range, the board faces a proposal from staff which proposes paying $8000 per teacher to let Teach for America to recruit teachers. Our data shows that two-thirds of these teachers will quit after two years, a higher rate than with teachers hired; national data says almost all are gone after three years.

Also questionable is why TFA has raised their rates from $5000 per teacher to $8000 in the last six years despite an inflation rate hovering around 1% per year.

Tell your board members to vote "no". Maybe the HCM staff will start doing their jobs.

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