Thursday, April 7, 2016


Well folks, our BAM President keeps on giving us plenty to talk about and we have just the latest of the incompetence that is the board in the hands of self-serving individuals.

It so happens that Ramos has been letting people know how much he has a hand in picking who he wants at Northside schools and how Scribner is his puppet because he does what he asks.

Ramos has already made his choice for Diamond Hill High School principal to be Mr. Garcia from JP Elder Middle School.  So apparently Ramos can't follow procedure and let HR and mainly school leadership make that determination but why wait, he has the ear of the Supe.  So Mr. Garcia, pack your bags your movin on up to the Northside.

Let's move on but stay at the Northside and introduce what has become the mantra of the Board President and those that surround him and inaugurate on this site a learning environment that has become
The Northside High School Playboy Mansion

Why you ask?  Well it seems that some staff members have been allowed to have relationships with students and mysteriously disappear for days and then return.  We know that the example comes from the top as our own president has had affairs and children out of marriage and current principal Martinez has his own makings to attest to.  But all is well in the land of Ramos and Crew.  The principal has been on a rampage with staff and some are being asked to cover it up.  

The Diamond Hill parents have been ignored by Scribner as they try to reach out to him.  They have plenty of concerns to share but he doesn't seem to care.  Interesting that he talks about reaching out to the community and nothing is done.  But because the Mansion is more important, he spends the time there and not DH.  Ramos promised to help it but has ignored and chided the parent leaders any opportunity he gets as is the FWISD way of killing those who want to do good.  But because this would get in the way of his plans well, you gotta do the mafia bidding and dispose of the bodies.

Things won't change soon as Ramos has made it public that he will be running for a second term as president of the board.  He stated that his colleagues have given him great reviews and so why not?  So for the near future, things will get worse and everything comes full circle.  

Mr. Scribner, we want more of the walk and less of the talk.  Talk is cheap and your capital is being depleted as long as you listen to Ramos and anyone else and not do what you said you would do.  Clock is ticking!!

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