Sunday, March 1, 2015


It seems the board is trying to silence one of its own once again by trying to kick Dr Sutherland from executive session.

The board needs to settle the Palazzolo case and move on. Enough damage has been done with taxpayer money. We know Tobi, Needham and others want to drag this on to hide what skeletons they have. We have a crisis in Fort Worth ISD and this election year matters. 


  1. For once, can we be concerned with anything other than Palazzalo? Can we please focus attention on the students? Can we find a Supt and clear out staff who need to leave? I'm sure the Joe supporters will attack this post, but for once can we focus on the task at hand?

  2. I kind of thought this is about students. After all the $ 2 million wasted thus far on just his case, could have gone to the classroom. That does not include the numerous other Teachers who have been drawn and quartered. You are obviously NOT a Teacher and did NOT read the post or you would have seen this is about a Board Member being silenced. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". Personally no dog in this hunt but obviously you are a fraud. Please hang in there Ann.

  3. I guess we can stop being concerned about his case and others when and if the bullying stops and this goofy Board settles his case. I think 5 years and millions in legal fees is long enough. And I don't think you are a teacher.

  4. Voter and TeacherMarch 1, 2015 at 11:40 AM

    Is there nothing that can be done about this? Robbins has continually abused his so-called "authority" and goes unchecked. Remember - he though this Boyd was the answer. Who was the attorney? If they work for FWISD they are subject to internal sanctions unless Linares was directing them. if they are an outside attorney (Brandt again), the answer may be the BAR Association, D.A. or Attorney General. This is not the first time he has done this.

  5. Stop using different names for the same tired old trash comments.

  6. I hope Ann does something about Robbins. This is not the first time Robbins has done this and withholding a formal offer from your client - even a portion - is unprofessional conduct. No doubt Needham, Robbins and Jackson were aware. Moreover, where were the other Board Members when this was going on? We know Sims was no doubt sleeping - what about Cinto? Avila? Ashley? Robbins and Needham both testified and Jackson was deposed yet all were allowed to stay without protest. Says a lot about their integrity. Then again, if you have not the courage to be out about your lifestyle, why should we expect you to have integrity?

  7. To Ann, when the board tries to exclude you from any part of a board meeting, are they breaking board policy or state law? Obviously the board's attorney and those members that wanted you excluded knew they had no legal bases for this and I'm glad you stood up and said no but isn't there some place where you can file an official complaint? Perhaps for interfering with an elected officials duties? I'm sure that they simply didn't want any report on what was discussed and they knew you'd tell us what you could but it seems that the only way to keep these jerks in line is by threat of legal action and holding them up to public ridicule.
    On another matter it appears that all of the candidates have opponents with Moss's being some guy named Dennis Dunkins. Does anyone know anything about him?

  8. He was just a shadow candidate: dropped out hours after deadline once they realized Moss had no opposition. Too bad and sad for children in that district.

  9. Thanks info. You're right that really is too bad for those kids. She's been nothing but a drain on that district for far too long.

  10. Now that we have the Boyd drama out of the way, we need to
    refocus our attention on other pressing matters, such as ridding our district of some of the worst school Trustees in Texas! To Dr. Sutherland: you are a warrior, because like Palazzolo, you get bullied for speaking truth! You are the only one, we behind the scenes,
    can trust to help us end the madness from within our district. We can’t loseyour voice on this board! The evildoers want you gone and replaced for areason; the same reason Needham has been instrumental in fighting Palazzolo …tokeep suppressing the lies and corruption. Truth has always been like the minority child, who gets “left behind” and forgotten. Many of us, who believein living true, get ridiculed and chastised, because we are not the norm. Ibelieve that truth will prevail, but not until we vote for change on this sitting board. We thought Ramos, Avila and Paz were the answer, but they were enticed by clout and promises to further their personal agendas. Unfortunately, this damn district, from top down to some campus administration, operates in the same manner. It’s all about “What’s in it for me” and how far can I go? “Money and power are roots to some kinds of evil”.

    We need to continue to hammer away at getting this board to
    stop the Palazzolo vendetta from continuing at taxpayer’s expense. Okay Needham, we all know you have big lesbo cajones and you will be damned if Palazzolo wins! We get it, but enough is enough! Everyone gets that this fiasco has been about one thing and one thing only, your BIG damn EGO! You don’t care about anything or anyone else, as long as your filthy ego and reputation is pristine. Who wouldn’t
    want to preserve that elitist, self-serving, power hungry reputation of yours? All people have to do is look at the school district map divisions and most all of your schools are within the confines of old and new FW money. The board, or should I say, Needham, rejected the settlement offer, because she would rather die than put Palazzolo back to work. In fact, it’s been said that certain Board members and Supers have said that they hoped “Palazzolo would die waiting for a settlement”. Needham doesn’t want to admit the truth about why they fired Palazzolo…retaliation! The man has contended these last 5 + yrs; he only wants
    his job back and Needham refuses and others play along with her hatefulness toward him. I hope these “others” realize that evil comes in many different shapes, sizes and bearing the last name of Needham! When she falls, and she will, all you “others” will fall with her!

    To the haters commenting on CIA stories about it “always being
    about Palazzolo”; I say it is BECAUSE of Palazzolo that some of us have
    awakened to see the miserable corruption from within this district. It is
    BECAUSE of Palazzolo that Needham is wasting taxpayer money on litigations lasting almost 6 yrs now, because she hates the man for discovering [her] school in [her] flawless district, was involved in corruption and cover-ups. It is BECAUSE of Palazzolo that good people have been bullied to leave, fired, retaliated against or demoted, if they supported him then (and still do) He was tired of the bullshit and wanted justice for the people who couldn’t or wouldn’t speak up, for fear of retaliation. So yeah, it is BECAUSE of Palazzolo that Needham
    and her cronies (past and present) have all prolonged this legal mess; they’ve censured Sutherland, and now attempted to kick her out illegally from Executive meetings. Palazzolo, like Sutherland, have been banished for opening up corrupted cans of worms and demanding truth and transparency. Somewhere in all this convoluted mess; people will understand why we do what we do or say what we say on these
    blogs, and why some of us care so much…for justice…for our kids and employees alike! Let’s put the “S” back in

  11. Ann, this is not the first time Brand, Robbins and Needham have done this to you. They even did it in a District Courtroom during trial. Please file a complaint with TEA, the BAR Association or the Attorney General. Someone needs to review the Board's conduct of meetings (which is what the next two Palazzolo cases are about), and this so-called Superintendent "selection". Someone needs to subpoena the employees of HCM and find out about the phone calls to "100's of applicants". TOTAL B.S.! If Palazzolo really did offer to walk away from all the $$ he was awarded just to be reinstated, how in the hell do you justify not disclosing, discussing or voting on that when the Board has spent over $2 million trying to fire him - UNSUCCESSFULLY! The public has a right to know. This all needs to come out before the election. It needs to end now.

  12. Yes. Palazzolo offered to waive any monetary award to himself if they reinstated him. Something they had already previously agreed before Dansby's ridiculous rant. He simply wanted his job back - even after all of this. Someone needs to file a BAR complaint over Brandt's actions both Tuesday and previously in the courtroom. It is mind-blowing that the Board is STILL retaining this Firm.

  13. Don't you get it? Did you not read ANYTHING about his case? This IS the task at hand. It effects all of us.