Monday, March 2, 2015


Judy Needham gained so much power by doing deals under the table and as new members entered the board her tentacles reached to suck them in.  Then Tobi Jackson comes into the picture and joins the reign of conspiracy, abuse of power, fraud and conflict of interest.  From 2010 both have joined in ruining the lives of many individuals and now they plan to get re-elected for another 4 years of the same.  

Both have made the board and the followers seem like they have no idea of anything nor think for themselves.  They give the followers small projects or committees that keep them busy and feel important while they ruin our educational system.

Read Needham has opponent:

They have been part of conflict of interest with Linebarger who has donated money before and we expect it again.  Yet they did not recuse themselves from the vote  or anything to do with the firm.  They showed their loyalty and got bought.

Don't forget their meeting prior to giving Linebarger the deal with the district.  They mention it in their deposition but attempt to say that they did not know or were aware.

Needham Deposition

Jackson Deposition

Remember the so called mistake on the executive session recording where they showed us how they treat employees even when they know they are wrong.



  1. Its time to rally Teachers, Employees, Parents Taxpayers to help throw Needham, Jackson and their crooked big money interests out. It is time we took back our ISD and cleaned house starting with the Board. We have to rally around Ann Sutherland and work to elect LaBeau and Aguilar. It time for CHANGE! Maybe now we can get the A.G. or FEDS to investigate what has been going on in FWISD: what they continue to do with Ann. How they continue to drag Palazzolo and others through the mud. Stop wasting OUR tax dollars. End the Palazzolo crap now. Stop the Super selection until a new Board is seated.

  2. Linda LaBeau's Comment in Fort Worth Weekly:

    Thank you for the kind comments. I sincerely hope I can demonstrate to the voters — parents, children and teachers — I can bring about a cultural change much needed to the board and administration. But since you mentioned the Linebarger issue, I encourage you to go to the finance reports for Needham, Jackson, and Moss in 2013. You will see Linebarger contributed $1000 each to Needham and Jackson and $500 to Moss. I believe publlc integrity behooves candidates to either make public these contributions and/or recues yourself from voting on contracts from major contributors to your campaign. I may be shooting myself in the foot by bringing this to the public’s attention but insuring the financial condition improves for FWISD is part of my platform. The primary duty of every board member is fiduciary duty to the public it serves.

  3. Tell Your FriendsMarch 2, 2015 at 11:57 PM

    These two spawn of Satan have forever changed and ruined so many young lives and careers. All of their dirty underhanded tricks need to be exposed in the light of day. What Jackson has done to her own daughter for the sake of her political career is unforgivable. Please join in supporting both LaBeau and Aguilar for School Board.

  4. Where is Tobi's pretend husband? Where is Needham's affluent partner Marty Leonard? How do you sleep at night plotting and planning how to ruin the city's innocent children? We know Tobi doesn't care about hers as long as she gets to send away from Eastside schools. Cannot believe the Eastside parents and community can't see this obvious lie in front of their faces. Eastside schools ROCK, but my girls will NOT them. At least Ramos sends his to his district's schools even though he got to attend PRIVATE school. Guess his boys weren't good enough to attend PRIVATE school.

  5. I guess we will never know if propaganda minister Babs Griffin got her Cadillac last Tuesday or not. What Judy wants, Judy gets.

  6. Cause Ramos needs to pay off his mistresses.

  7. Teachers for ChangeMarch 4, 2015 at 8:01 AM

    When will the wealthy and influential people of Fort Worth listen to the Teachers, Parents and Employees of FWISD when we tell you that you will NEVER attract the best and brightest for Super as long as you insist on keeping Judy Needham, Tobi Jackson, Norm Robbins, T.A. Sims and Christene Moss on this School Board. They are destroying what is left of this district. Destroying the futures of CHILDREN! Stop listening to Bill Koehler, Ray Dickerson and God forbid, Melody Johnson. Vote for CHANGE! Vote Aguilar, LaBeau and Sutherland. EAST SIDE: Find a write-in candidate!
    Ann Sutherland for Board President!

  8. So now we're going to question people's sexuality behind a veil of anonymity? It's one thing to question someone's performance as an elected official, but it's entirely different to drag their family members into it, ESPECIALLY minor children. Shame on you!!

    Ann Sutherland, what say you about these vile aspersions toward your fellow board members? Staying silent on a blog where you are a frequent poster is not very becoming. Please speak up so your minions will learn it's not right to act so despicable

    Teacher NS, do you really want to open that can of worms, because if you do you're about to have a party the likes of which you've never seen. Let's start with some FACTS about the other two "candidates" in district 2, not just veiled, unfounded, undocumented dirt.

    Rev. Cole FACT: his published YouTube sermon on sexuality brands him as a bigot in the biggest way. He tried to explain his way out of that corner by saying he was just preaching from scripture in the bible and that you had to listen to the entire series of sermons to get the full picture. Convenient explanation, but in that one video he added in his own personal perspective in his own words, not God's. Quote from his 15 minute diatribe against LGBTQ citizens (Ms. Herrera, as our resident expert on the topic, would love to hear your perspective):

    “Someone say ‘you (Pastor Cole) picking on that alternative lifestyle.’ It’s not an alternative lifestyle. God hasn’t gave you an alternative. Don’t even call it a lifestyle. If you smoke regularly, don’t be upset if you get cancer – lung cancer. If you eat pork all day long and salt, don’t get upset if you have high cholesterol, OK, and high blood pressure. If you like sweets all day, don’t get upset if you get overweight and like sweets and get diabetes. Are you following me here? Because there are things that happen to your body as a result of your overindulgence, right, in an unnatural way. The bible is absolutely clear. God will through man’s ignorance and man’s decision to operate outside of the parameters of how he has designed our lives (meaning anyone who isn't in a male/female relationship), guess what, he says I’ll give you over to a (unclear). Which means a mind that you refuse to allow to be changed.”

    Search Sultan Cole on YouTube for yourself. This is a 15 minute video sermon that has more than 100 views when I last saw it. Do you know how many LGBTQ students we have in FWISD? Teachers? Parents? Taxpayers? Do you really think this man can represent them/us? What's he going to try to do, convert all the LGBTQs over to his way of thinking? That's the problem with mixing religion and politics.

    Aguilar-Villaneuva FACT: Wouldn't a tax fraud be defined as someone who claims a homestead tax exemption (to save on city, county, school taxes) in one district and then recently rents an apartment in another district just so he can run for an elected position? Check It's not opinion, it's on the public record. I noticed the first volunteer gathering for him is at his homesteaded house in Burleson and not his east side apartment. And why is his "meet Joel Aguilar" being held down the street from TCU and not on the eastside? What is wrong with this picture!!

    I said I was done witih this blog, but here I go again wallowing with the pigs and getting dirty in the process. Good night all.

  9. To Educate This 15 and Concerned Citizens, ENOUGH ALREADY! All that crap is just crap and shame on bringing up Tobi's daughter and her sexual orientation! There is nothing remotely appropriate about doing that! It's not like we don't have a plethora of incredibly despicable behavior to call Tobi out on! I'm appalled that you would bring up a child, who (despite the mother) is innocent! Period! Any family issues should be off limits and has no place being used in such a way! Most self-respecting educator are turned away with that kind of behavior! I DONT LIKE TOBI but, I refuse to stand by and keep silent! Tons of bad mothers out there and whether she is one or not has very little to do with BOE. Talk about real issues! There's plenty to choose from and you may think about acknowledging that bringing up her daughter was in poor taste if you want anyone to take you seriously!

  10. Again with bringing up NOT IMPORTANT CRAP! If his mistress is a student (like some Fwisd Personnel) then blog about that! If he abuses women, blog about that! Pray for his wife and just move on to address the REAL ISSUES! If he isn't faithful to his wife, her problem and none of our business! Shit! We got rid of Clinton for getting some STRANGE in the White House; that worked out so well for us!!! Get a clue and address the real problems! This isn't A Jerry Springer blog!!!!!!

  11. Bravo NSA. The children of any candidates need to be left out of this. It is best to stay with the issues and there are plenty of them out there. However if a candidate, male or female, cheats on their spouse it is an issue that should be brought up. It goes to character and trustworthiness. If that person can't be trusted to maintain their marriage vows then they can't be trusted to serve the electorate.

  12. Sorry Fed-Up, I guess we will have to disagree on that one. Not that I don't think it sheds light on character, it's just not the way I would go about it. I think it diminishes the validity of the claim. If we want to inform the masses and get them on board with what many of us see as BLATANTLY OBVIOUS then we need to lead with how Ramos is failing the district! I'm not condoning his infidelity I just think it's more of a footnote. I mean let's look at sex with a student, fraud, violating all sorts of laws (too many to list), profiting from the failing schools, nepotism, cronyism, bullying, and the REAL PROBLEMS plaguing this district. If you lead with the fact that he's not faithful-you will miss an opportunity to grab the attention of too many!

  13. Agreed. His infidelity should not be the primary issue but should be mentioned as proof to his lack of real character.

  14. But you ARE aware (are you not), that shortly after his election, Ramos got Dansby to hire his girlfriend? That IS worth discussing as it is specifically prohibited.

  15. So why aren't you asking about the Former Principal who allegedly fathered a child with his student and then was promoted to prevent a bigger "Palazzolo - like" scandal?

  16. With Tobi, underserved communities have a voice they've never had. Why are y'all so opposed to that? Y'all have a man from Burleson running to beat her? Why don't y'all want someone from east FW advocating for east side schools?

  17. Makes absolutely no sense, so don't even try to figure it out. I am of the belief that some of these vicious, outlandish, childish posts must be coming from the man himself or one of his supporters. If he actually furnishes his apartment and lives in it for the next four years, he could be considered in 2019. Or he could move across the highway to the east and run when Moss retires in four years.