Sunday, March 15, 2015


The campaign season is underway.. how many of you have kept up with it and who is your favorite?  We are sure you have heard many things already about all of the candidates.  This is why our democracy works!

But today we are here to showcase what makes politics such a dirty word.  We want to highlight much of the Latinos in the DFW area who seem to push an agenda that it is time for something new for the latino community.  Everything we have seen is hog wash... 

Let's look at the LCLD or Latino Center for Leadership Development... this is an interesting new center opened to grow leaders for the Latino Community because latinos are underserved.  But we know politics in the mix can only create a who's who type of environment.    We weren't disappointed because we found Trustee Ramos in the mix.. he keeps on ticking at any event that glorifies.  
But we did find it ironic that Mr. Ramos is in the mix of supporting the Latino community and everything that goes with it..(he won't say it in public) but he plays it to his advantage as all those who profess to be doing something for the Latino Community.  So quality and qualifications have no meaning any longer.. at least in this case.

Same group at every event and  only there to move themselves up.. no one else.

We also come to the North Texas Young Latino Leaders, a group that sort of makes the same rhetoric regarding new up and coming Latino leaders for the community.  

As teachers we do want representation as much as we can with someone who is like us to some degree but we would rather have a great leader than a dumb leader of our own race.  But since the groups preach Latino representation then why are they being hypocritical and not supporting Latino Candidates.  Mr. Ramos has endorsed Sultan Cole who is running for the board and is African-American.  Again if he is qualified then by all means.  Did Mr. Ramos interview all the candidates to see who best fits his criteria for the board?  Since he is all about the CommUNITY-is he setting aside his strong support of having Latinos?  We find this ironic but don't forget why he is where he is at.. he has people whom he owes his loyalty to and has turned against what he professes.  So then we should be able to see Mr. Cole at LCLD or NTYLL pretty soon since he is being endorsed by the same people in the groups.
Supporting Tobi Jackson here

See anyone that looks the same?THis is the NTYLL Board

By the way.. nice Salary for only two hours of work.  Yes folks.. he only has to work two hours and that counts for a whole day.  Must be nice since us teachers have to work more than 40 hours a week just to get 51,000.  

The same groups that profess to want to boost one community end up fighting their own.  It all comes down to not allowing those that would get in their way, regardless if Latino, to make it higher before they do.  Let's just say is a right of passage.. So when you hear all of this hog wash.. know it's hypocrisy and dishonesty.  

But what do we know.. we just teach!


  1. Now that we know, what will be done?!?! Shall we continue with the FWISD way?? Deny, deny, deny! The thing about pedophiles, they are all repeat offenders! They do not stop and make no mistake, Mr. Dugan YOU ARE A PEDOPHILE! According to the law, you also committed a crime and it looks like Mr. Dansby did as well!

  2. I agree. It's time to step up Board and do something about these allegations. Dugan and others are still employed. Many of you starting with Needham knew what the story was on this (nothing goes on in FWISD without Needham's knowledge and approval). More pressing still, what about your fellow Board Member CInto Ramos? Within days of his election he got Dansby to hire the MOTHER OF HIS ILLEGITMATE CHILD. Hello? A Board Member and former Board President allowing herself to be photographed in bed with an Athletic Director during the school day and texting the photos to Teachers and Coaches in class. Now this. All as reported by witnesses on this blog and in District Court. What are you going to do to police yourselves? Are you at least going to investigate? You are spending millions in legal fees investigating Teachers and Employees who report wrongdoing. What about these items? Time to take a public stand and clean house.

  3. FWISD is like a Telenovela. So typical, mistresses, crab mentality and manipulation. Ramos bashed Romero and Espino, now look at photo ops. He also bashed Rangel, yet he is one in the same with his mistress. This could easily be Mujeres EngaƱadas, remake.

  4. Renteria switched to Ramos when he saw Vasquez losing...loyalty or self promotion, sit and watch his promotion is coming.

  5. Latino Voter North SideMarch 16, 2015 at 9:20 AM

    Ramos endorsing Cole is a slap in the face to Latinos everywhere. Cole's son goes to Paschal - just like Jackson - so what is the difference? He is just another version of Kyev Tatum. Know who else is endorsing Cole? Christene Moss. That should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know since Sleepy Time Sims is endorsing Tobi.

  6. Ramos has already shown that he is not about race, color, creed, etc. He's all about himself. Whatever will get him what he wants. He showed that immediately when he sided with Needham. He's shown that again by backing Cole instead of Aguilar. When his term is up he needs to go. Hopefully, the latino community will run someone that cares about them and the rest of the kids in the district.

  7. He needs to be recalled or thrown out on morals charges. It is against the law and Board Policy to hired immediate, first tier relatives. Wonder if that applies to kept women?

  8. One other thing I find confounding......citizens are allowed to make statements at board meetings BUT not allowed to ask questions of specific board members or the board in general. Does anyone else see how this method district wide allows offenses to be perpetuated?

  9. Disgusted TeacherMarch 18, 2015 at 7:04 AM

    Absolutely. There is NO accountability District-wide starting with the Board.