Sunday, March 29, 2015


Yes, the time is near for the final showdown to the election on May 9th.  Have you done your bracket and predicted the winners?  Will there be upsets?

We did want to share how some are doing and highlight a bit of irony or perhaps not on a few things we were informed of.

LULAC has endorsed Sultan Cole for Board in District 2 which at first caught us by surprise but then as we analyzed information and made a few calls it truly did not.  Let's not forget or unless you don't know that the people who run LULAC are in the same entangled web as the Mexican Mafia which locks in many of the so called latino leaders in the city.. from a certain councilman, JP, State Rep and so on.  So based on that connection then it doesn't surprise us because the Latino Leaders are supporting someone else.  Now this in no way takes away any credit to Cole but for so long the leaders of LULAC have screamed to the world the lack of latino representation.  Now mind you that they can support whomever they want, we are just curious to know what criteria they used to see how the candidates fared.  Did they interview all three?  Well we can certainly say NO.  Yes folks we asked.

Let's recall that when Johnson resigned, they were up in arms about having Reyna take over as interim and were very vocal about but then turned around and supported Dansby.  Then back during the redistricting time, they threatened to sue the district if they didn't get another district where a latino could be elected.  Well they got what they wanted and now, they are supporting someone else that is not representative of the majority of the district, according to their cries for more latinos.  Which to some degree is true.. look at the make up of the top admin and how many latinos are represented?  While we don't the most qualified, how was it determined?

We see Tobi and Cole signs all over the place now which means they are being funded well.  We haven't seen much from the third candidate so does it mean that's it only the two who have the most signs?

We also wanted to bring up something that we didn't know if we heard correctly..
Cole stated in a forum that he has been working with FWISD through the Read 2 Win program or something to that effect which is helping about 2000 kiddos in the district with reading fundamentals.  He called it his program.  But we hear from someone that works inside that the program was started and held by Dana Diaz.  But Cole did say that the program is so successful that it is expanding to Michigan and other states and so he will be traveling to promote the program.  So the questions here are:

*Is the program funded by the district, if so what happened to the new Rosie program and what is that all about?
*Would there be a conflict of interest if he is making money off of the program as a board member if elected?
*Who owns the right to the program?  The district website says that it's a partnership with churches around Fort Worth.. so how is it his?

Then we have Citizens for Great Schools Supporting Tobi and Cecilia Speer.. so they want to make sure they keep on going with the secrets and making money.  We bet that Tobi will try for City Council after Scarth leaves.. so she is not through.. she called on the Democratic party to run for Wendy Davis' seat but figured she couldn't win as a Democrat.. so she switches parties when it suits her.

Well Folks... are you bets set yet?  We know regardless of the outcome we can bet that things will be the same.. just some folks making more money off of our students.. So if you don't vote then you can't complain about the current situation.  Vote for change~

LULAC lost the L because it doesn't represent LATINOS


  1. Nice post Mr Delgado. Sorry LULAC doesn't like you!

  2. Sultan Cole is a straight up thug! Totally self centered. Believe me, I know. I taught his child.

  3. So Cole's son DOES go to PHS? How is he any different from Tobi? He's not. Guess that proves the point with the local LU-AC folks. How ignorant. If Cole is a "straight up thug" that explains why Dansby is supporting him. There really is only one choice in District 2: Tobi/Cole or AGUILAR.

  4. I don't know who "Mr. Delgado" is, but it looks like Cinto Ramos and Ashley Paz are supporting Cole over Tobi Jackson. Is that correct? If so, when taken with Dansby's support, that's reason enough for me NOT to support him.

  5. Does anyone know where i can get some Cecilia Speer yard signs?

  6. Disgusted EmployeeMarch 31, 2015 at 10:54 AM

    The local crack house which is where you need to be if you are supporting her.

  7. Tell me who you're voting for, I want to think more like you!

  8. If Ramos and Paz are supporting Cole that only means one thing. He's already sold out to the Needham crowd and it'll just be more of the same crap from this homophobe.

  9. Do NOT mix Ramos and Paz together. Paz has a moral compass! Ramos sold out a long time ago. YAP is a program to promote himself!

  10. concernedcitizensfortworthisdMarch 31, 2015 at 10:42 PM

    Agree... Ramos pushed the YAP to the board for his mentor Ricky.. then hired his friends.. one who cusses a lot on Facebook and gets drunk and smokes weed a fine example for youth. So every program has a connection to family. Like Girls Inc has his wife working there.. on and on we go.. money for the inner circle.

  11. Disgusted EmployeeApril 2, 2015 at 8:09 PM

    Sorry you never will. We are not crack heads - we worked with that unethical person.