Thursday, July 14, 2016


We try to be surprised at the level of incompetency by our so called leaders who profess support for students and then we find out differently.

Recall the teacher Matthew Keller at Southwest who was found to be texting a 15 year old out of state.  Well a teacher source informed us that Engel knew about this teacher because early in the year it was reported that he was texting about penis sizes and was out for two weeks only to return to campus.  Engel turned a blind eye to the report and was absolutely clueless of what was going to come about recently with the out of state boy.  Keller would give boys rides home, paid for a Disney trip, etc.  Engel's response: I haven't noticed anything in appropriate.  Well hello that's why you look into it when it's reported.

CPS needs to be notified and some agency to come in.  Engel is liable for being indifferent.  Keller could have been stopped sooner.

So OPS investigated and found it to be true, only to return the same teacher to be around children again.  This is nothing new, recall the nipple pincher who was promoted, etc.  

So Scribner what else are you doing to protect children?  Uh, nothing because you are too busy working on your next gig as is the BAM President and rest of the Board.

Dr. Sutherland, we need an independent investigation into this matter.  There are people who are coming out and tired of it.  We, here at the blog, are getting more people to come out with information.  Very sad to hear how much danger is allowed in our schools.  We will protect the teacher from retaliation and harassment by not identifying anything about the teacher.

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