Friday, July 8, 2016


As previously reported, Mia Hall got promoted for being the brain child of bullying, harassment and discrimination.  We thought this was an open-shut case but FWISD never stops surprising us.

Paz and Scribner both knew about her because of the investigation and mainly because Paz was involved in hearing the complaints from teachers who came forward.  David Saenz investigated this matter and suddenly Hall is gone from the school but no information is released except by us.  She goes quietly with nothing more than a vacation until we find out she got promoted.  When was the position posted?  How many interviewed?  Can we get the EEOC here right away?  Creating positions to cover up-

How can you both sleep at night?  If it was your children you would be mad as hell but because the children are not yours and you care more about your political life it doesn't matter... #studentlivesdon't matter to Paz and Scribner.

We hope the voters will remind you as you come up for re-election and know we will be right there to remind people about your lack of concern for human life.. the very students you seem to use when it suits you..Guess the TCU education you are getting is not helping you at all...

Scribner.. won't waste more time as we know you are a failure... so when you preach we are here for all students, LIAR.  This bring us to the the whole transgender issue.. why did you bring it up?  Why now?  The district was doing well with the procedures in place since 2011 and yet you brought it up, putting our children in danger, to score political points?  Then you can't even do management 101 and discuss it with all stakeholders before you make the decision, how stupid can you be?
Our LGBT students were already being cared for with the current policy, now you have made them targets of the right wing extremists and for what? BAM Ramos is included because he defends you left and right.

Yet you all drink together and in bed together- so our students are the ones being hurt.  Karma can't get here soon enough!

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