Friday, July 22, 2016


Well while we are going through the diversions of the scandals that plague the district, scores are posted and no public comment from what we hear so far.  So we will comment and look for the district to respond to the dismal results.

Take a look
*The first thing that caught our eye were the low results of the Dual Language scores.  These were the scores that were supposed to show greater results than any others.  The promises were broken because FWISD has never been able to do it right.  It would be interesting to take out the GT students and Benbrook area, Tanglewood students and see what the data tells you.  The district admin does nothing!

District didn't meet measure in 7th Math, 7th Writing----

We are basically just making the cut even when they lower the standards---sad!

You would think that this would be the biggest concern for the admin and it's not.  They are more interested in their national spotlight than anything else.  Same old stuff!

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