Sunday, July 3, 2016


We got a comment in one of our stories that Mia Hall may still have a job in FWISD.  We reported when the investigation was conducted for workplace bullying for violating federal laws towards LGBT students and so forth, that she was gone from YWLA.  We see that another person has taken the helm and we noticed that her name was not on any board actions before the mini-break.

But according to HR sources, there is an agenda item for a Director of Equity, the department created for Sherry Breed Equity and Excellence.

This would be such a big slap in the face of the employees and students Mia hurt if she is allowed to be promoted after the investigation.  You can't tell us that there is not one ounce of logic from the very people that are getting famous behind our LGBT students.  She threatened to tell parents about students who are lesbian or transgender which is exactly what Scribner is fighting for, she did what the Paxton and the AG wanted.  Which lives matter?

If this is true, we hope that parents will got to the ACLU or someone who cares about our district, will file suit so that the leaders wake up.  Time and time again the people connected get away with things no matter how egregious.  We know Mia is protected by Moss, Jackson and Breed so I guess it wouldn't surprise us if she is on the agenda.

So if she is to be Director of Equity, how can she perform her duties when she wasn't even equitable at her previous job.  When did this position come about?  Who interviewed?  As Sutherland has stated, who is doing the hiring?

Dr. Sutherland please check on this and don't let this be put on the back burner.  Our students deserve better and certainly taxpayers who are just paying and paying for extra jobs that are not needed.  We are sure Breed can do the job on her own, what is there to do with Equity and Excellence?

Scribner, we had some hope left but now with this and the lack of leadership, you are a complete failure.

Let's hope Mia is out as she should be....

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