Friday, March 4, 2016


The lack of oversight and concern by top administration has allowed this phenomenon to take shape.  Now chaos has overtaken any type of reason by people of power and they wonder why things never change.

Sutherland posted on her blog some items that are incriminating towards the administration and the passive attitude they have taken to address concerns.  Teacher assaults at any level should be dealt with promptly, no brainers.  Students are being given too much leeway and putting your hands on someone should not be debated on what the consequence should be.

Finally something worthwhile is coming out that no one else reports but we will give it another venue to the people who are not being heard.

Sutherland for Schools blog

Student and teacher assaults are reaching unbearable levels

by Ann Sutherland on 03/04/16
March 3rd's news includes a video of a teacher shaking a student indefensibly.  This case is under review by our Office of Professional Standards.

In the last week I have received reports of 3 assaults by students on teachers at one school just since winter break.  Also I have heard that another school with issues is not improving.

I am very concerned.

This is a national crisis of undiscovered proportions; I do not know how to address it but I do know that the legal system can make it very difficult for schools to prevail.  

On the other hand, trying to address the corruption can be personally catastrophic, as many able staff have discovered.  The root reason Joe Palazzolo was fired was that he managed a large group of very disruptive ninth graders with a great deal of success.  The administration couldn't stand it.

Mr. Palazzolo was also concerned that a significant number of kids were making up "school" by doing custodial jobs.  And some of us know well that failing students make up a lot of credits during the final weeks of their senior years, making us wonder how they suddenly became so productive, especially as some of them reportedly could barely read.  One enterprising teacher compiled a thick notebook of computer fraud (those Plato and Odyssey courses) over months.  When Dr. Linares was given it, she threw it on the floor and announced, "THIS INVESTIGATION IS OVER!!.

I talked to a parent yesterday who tells me the community is solidly behind those of us who seek change.  Perhaps it's time for a serious community meeting on this subject.

A great society cannot survive without having the courage to identify and face the truth, whatever it is.  We need to get to work.

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