Thursday, March 31, 2016

IS ENGEL CULTURALLY COMPETENT? Being married to an opposite race doesn't qualify you!

It seems that John Engel, Principal at Southwest High School has stuck his big foot in his mouth on controversial comments he has made and overall the bad that is coming from the high school.  Ann Sutherland will be having a community meeting to address some of those items that are in her district and should address the discrimination at the school.

Engel has been very incompetent in relating to students and the staff overall and has no business helping to train district employees on restorative justice when he is partly responsible for the lack of due process for students at the school.

Here is a message we received:

My principal, in the context of urging kids to take their education seriously to adapt to changing economic and work opportunity trends, just told assembled students at my largely minority and low income urban Texan high school that the McDonald Corporation has announced a 50% employee cut in California in response to the new $15 an hour wage law, a move which he commended as "McDonald's did something awesome."  I have done an extensive internet search and have found absolutely nothing to back up his absurd claim.  He also told the students that because our current 13 billion dollar federal debt, many "free programs" could be expected soon to come to an end.  Again, little on the internet beyond arch conservative opinion sites substantiates this claim.  Few academic economists signal agreement with it.  Finally, he commiserated with students over the cafeteria food and said, Well, I can't do anything about that.  That's the federal government's doing."  I felt like I was listening to Fox commentary.  I didn't realize we were now allowed to use mandatory assemblies to indoctrinate our students into Party politics.

So yes folks, this individual has been chosen by the district to represent it and train on restorative justice/discipline.  So someone who has no connection to our students will be telling you how you should do it when he can't even show it himself.  Being married to someone of another race does not qualify, just like the cliche of I'm not racist because I have a friend of that specific skin color.  He is known to discriminate against hispanics and yet no one in admin can say much.  Parents at McLean had not many positive things to say.  

When does it stop, the ignorance or stupidity, from Mia Hall and now to John Engel.  Thank you BAM President Ramos for your stewardship in the wrong direction.  Will you be training Engel to give the training?  

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