Sunday, February 21, 2016


So the cat came out of the box and the changes were announced to the restructuring of the district.

What we have heard is that Sorum, Monge and Breed are out.. won't know until it's a done deal.

There will be 10 positions that everyone must reapply for including Washington and others.  We have seen restructuring before so we won't celebrate until we see the final board approvals.  While the top people get to play musical chairs the FWISD surely doesn't look after it's best employees and rather says:

Yep, so while everyone is told to look for another job Jerry Moore gets to keep his because of his deals with Paz and Ramos.  He gets to be with My Brother's Keeper!  So he gets to move around and make the money and has accomplished what?  So the Board is still cutting deals to keep their favorites.

At the same time, FWISD is paying for President Ramos' business along with his partner Dr. Guillory and his mentor.  These individuals are sure working the game on the back of FWISD and the players like it that way to keep everyone else marginalized.  It pays in FWISD!
Dr. G who is also a partner with Ramos' speaking circuit sure is double dipping in the money.
The other partner in crime, Ricky

So the board of trustees has these and others covered while the mass gets to loose their job.  Interesting to hear Norman say that they have been waiting for this restructuring for a long time and yet they approved the last one, moving individuals to central office and now they are against it.  Sure does look like they have no clue what is going on.  So now we are left to tend to our own while others get their pockets filled with money.  Guess their families are well taken care of while the rest of the employee's families are left to wonder.  Thanks FWISD for caring about your employees!

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