Friday, March 4, 2016


A while back we talked a bit about the mess at Poly High under the Principal Delich. The atmosphere has corroded and staff are fed up.  Now TEA is involved and is attempting to investigate but the district has the option of choosing who they interview from what we gather.  This makes no sense because we know what the district will do.  We know of classes being made up to get students to graduate when they didn't do their job to help students.  One student was told he had 4 credits to make up and did not see a way to get it done.  Then when he left and came back to drop out he was told he only needed 1/2 a credit and that they could give him what he needed somehow.  

Tobi Jackson has been covering up the mess as is her style and she is shielding the principal at all costs.  UEA is nowhere to be found because they are in bed with Tobi, recall the election.  Teachers are left without a voice and mass exodus will occur this year.

Scribner is not around and doesn't seem to care at all.  Time is up!  These are the things that matter to people and he is absent without an excuse.  Now it's not anyone elses fault but yours.  If you can't handle the job then pack it up and let's get someone else that can.  Stop allowing Kyle Davie and Jerry Moore to be up your behind just to save their neck and leave everyone else defenseless.  You said change was coming and change only happens when you lead and take charge.  Let's put on some pants and do something for a change.

The BAM President is on the Northside so the East Side is of no concern.  He was out celebrating a Mafia win in the recent primary so he has no time for students.  Guess Poly is on its own.

Scribner want a cracker?

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