Thursday, March 24, 2016


It was interesting to hear that Sherry Breed will mov into Chief of Equity and Excellence.  We thought we were getting rid of her but unfortunately we don't get everything we want.  So now she has the task of making equity within our system and a perfect example of what she should take up was at the board meeting.  Take a look:
It seems that our departments are either all white or all black!  Example here with Steinart and Roberts.
Then you have Anita Perry's department which is all black and Everest in Counseling is all white.  We look at where our hispanics and mix races are and we find them in the kitchen and in maintenance.  It seems the only jobs certain people can get are at the bottom and at the top very little if nothing at all.  Chris Riddick has an all black staff and so on and so forth.

So Mr. Ramos, where is the cultural crap you keep talking about but have not shown progress in?  We have a district that is 70% hispanic and yet our students don't get to see it.  All critical departments that are in charge of making a difference for our students do not represent them at all. And yes we can have a debate about best qualified, etc.  But tell us who is qualified where they are now regardless of race?  Are there no qualified latinos to fill spots?  Mr. Ramos has traveled the country and has not once mentioned the lack of representation at central office nor in the schools.  You only put hispanics at dual language schools.  Why not at Paschal or Arlington Heights?  We all know the answer.  Our custodial department is brown or black, is that all they are qualified to do?
Will Ms. Breed look into equity or is it just a hush hush job so that she is away from schools and stops from messing them up even more.

Then we hear Jerry Moore put into strategic planning and whatever else, what qualities does he bring?  What has he been accountable for?

Now let's move on to the current people running the district of which Scribner still has not gotten rid of them and continues to bleed the district.  Look at the following parts of the board meeting where Moss asks Arispe, Breed, Sorum about where we are in accountability and what has been given to the schools.  They give no answer, just rubbish.  They are funny when Sorum can't explain whether he has waited to the last minute as always to do something about struggling schools.  Yet again the people that have ruined this district remain or soon will be gone in some areas but the damage is big and Scribner, your time is almost up when it will be your baby.


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