Thursday, August 6, 2015


As if we have nothing more to do than sit there and watch the kingdom celebrate themselves when we could be getting ready for our students.
It has been decided that Convocation will be like the big party Johnson used to have and it will be August 21st the Friday before the first day of school.
Once again disregard for teacher's needs and a waste of time and money.  

We can at least thank Dansby for listening to us and giving us more time.  I guess the Board Members who say they are for teachers are no longer standing up for us
because admin is running the show.  Did anyone bother to ask teachers?  Where is UEA?  Why aren't they at least voicing opposition to this chirade and helping improve
the working environment?

Check the calendar and let us know how many days we are allowed to work in our rooms and then have meet the teacher and be completely ready.. of course we are expected
to work weekends because the bosses will say that rooms must be ready.

This is what non-education board members do to teachers because they don't understand what it takes to get ready.  Tobi what happened to being different and doing for teachers.  What you call micro-mananging, we call support and help because the Admin forgets what we do.
We are held accountable for pass or fail and yet we don't get support when we need time, yes time.

If you have not noticed the board is silent and united.  Yes folks the last voice we had has been silenced and so it's now up to us to raise our voices.  

Thank you President Ramos for being about us and giving us more to do.  We will sure give you the proper salute at the convocation and you can imagine what that will be.

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