Wednesday, August 12, 2015



So he said the right things about top down approach is not the way to lead and then you see RAMOS behind him not even nod to agree.  Guess those are not the buzzwords they want to hear.


Dr. Ken P. Scribner has been named the sole finalist for the post of Superintendent.  Looks good on paper and on much of the information available on him.  The one item that he is linked to that we will have to watch is Teach for America.  Hopefully he looks at quality and effectiveness rather than just to fill an empty seat.

Rest assured that we will be watching as the transition happens and hopefully he will be looking towards creating a better working environment apart from what the board has in mind.  He will need a strong backbone. 

He will propably be told not to read the blog but we will make sure that he gets an invitation to read it.  We have plenty of information that he will need to make his decision on the vision of the district.

Dr. Scribner,

*Re organize and have everyone reapply for their job at the admin level.  We need fresh people with new ideas that make sense but as long as the leeches are there you won't get far.

*We need pay to be adjusted to all and better working conditions.

*Really the best thing you can do is just get rid of them and we will see that we are moving in the right direction.

The board is dysfunctional but now they will tell you that they are united but know that there are skeletons in that closet and we have most of them posted on the blog.

You have Board President whose mistress works in the district

You have other board members who do not care about teachers and are self-seekers hence TCU jobs, family members who work there and basically a who you know type system that gets you hired regardless of your qualities.

You have people getting paid more than teachers with no education

You have current top admin having affairs aka Jerry Moore and Karen Molinar  ( yes we have two sources that saw it all)  How do they get rewarded, fired you say?  Of course not they get promoted.  It's the FWISD WAY  It's OK TO HAVE AFFAIRS on company time.

Some will say that we are just teachers and staff who are complaining but none can provide facts to counter the proof we have provided.

We have a culture of fear and retaliation within the system and we are losing people.

So take your time to find out who you will work with and know that they don't care who comes in all they want is to keep their job and more salary increases.



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