Saturday, August 29, 2015


Well fellow educators we made it through one week.  Not sure how yours went but ours basically lame as always, more paperwork and extra stuff to do.  But enjoy my kiddos so I will shut the door as always and teach away... not in the drama.

Let us know how it went for you.

So we wanted to recap a few things that happened and as we prepare for the new super to officially start in some weeks.

A big celebration is Robert Ray.. is a gonner.  Well not in that literal sense but basically retired finally after many years of allowing the bullying and contributing to ruining peoples lives.  In the picture it shows the happiness but overall he gets to take the dead bodies with him and bury them forever.  Hopefully when he gets to the hot place in the after life he will remember the pain he caused.  So we celebrate to some degree.  Betty we love you but you are dead wrong on that man being a role model overall.  He told many lies.. Liners is just happy he is gone and he won't say much at the Palazzolo trial.  So at least less lies to go around.

Arlington Heights from what we gather continues it's traditional ruin the teachers they don't like and promote the ones they do like.  Take for example Ms. Sara Weeks throwing special ed kids to a closet.  Nothing has changed since the days of maltreatment of special ed kids with the restroom issues and not being allowed to leave their areas.  The throwing of the teacher out of a regular classroom to a closet allowed confidential student information to be left out in the open for anyone to see.  Guess this is how teachers are treated under Needham's watch.  Dr. Scribner you have a lot to work on with Ms. Weeks.  
Hopefully Dr. Scribner used sanitizer to cleanse from the poison of Sarah Weeks.

This is what she ordered done to special ed, in a closet.  

As always the district continues to stifle the Palazzolo case once again asking for a hearing of the hearing of the hearing to stall things.  So Brandt decided without a board vote to push for another motion.  So more money as he doesn't have enough with more than $30,000 paid monthly.  He needs a job so he will prolong it as long as possible since the Board doesn't care what is spent.  

Oh and noticed this on Sutherland's blog about how it is confirmed that teachers are being retaliated upon when they want to speak after a question was posed.  So they know it happens but do nothing.

So nothing new to celebrate----just the same old stuff.. affairs, bullying, etc.  So anyone have more information on the Jerry Moore-Karen Molinar.  

Also we continue with family hirings.. so it's just the same ole FWISD.

What say you?

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