Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today a hearing was held in the ongoing Palazzolo case.  The headlines from this event is that the board was briefed and voted for the appeal that was filed in August of 2014 according to Carillo.

Then Brandt, the TASB lawyer, admitted that FWISD does not have insurance to fund continued litigation expenses for the case.  So again as we have said many times, there was no insurance.  TASB manages the RISK for the district and uses FWISD funds.  So this means that the district has to have money and they take care of everything.  It's like subsidizing your work to someone else so that you just sit back and tear down the district.

So now it comes out that many people were lying even Carillo in her affidavit.  Very disappointed with the lies but we shouldn't of been surprised.

So while TASB is taking care of spending much needed resources.. the district admin have alerted employees to stop talking to board members or face consequences.  If they do talk to a board member they need to alert their supervisor.  Yeah right!  You want us to tell them we talked to a board member and get a target put on us?

So there you go folks.. something to celebrate while we are at Convocation!!!!

Silence of the Lambs it appears

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