Monday, December 1, 2014


So our teachers are not getting what they need to teach in the classroom even when they are forced to teach to the test.  So how much money are we paying the consultants who can't consult.  Travesty board members that you the simple task of following up on what you say is not even done.

Many of you boast that you are for the schools, teachers, students and here we are one semester over and teachers have to beg for resources.


  1. And we wonder why these clowns never have done anything to prosecute Judy Needham?

  2. No Strings AttachedDecember 2, 2014 at 11:21 PM

    Okay took a little reading to discover the facts but, there was a 10 min news conference video about this district. I don't know how to add the links but, I'm sure some else out there does. This case took more than 2 years to finally play out but, there was "some" justice here. Look, the key is to inundate the DA with any knowledge of corruption from the community. This DA ultimately set up a hot line. I don't know though, a few years ago I tried to get teachers to write letters to "support our schools" and I even paid for the postage. Unfortunately, I couldn't get more than 20% of the staff interested.
    Except that was a no-brainer?!?! Fighting Austin's budget cuts for public education?!? So, I'm not sure how many people will actually want to be heard or maybe they just fear retaliation.

    Former Sweetwater Superintendent Sentenced to Jail for ‘Pay-To-Play’ Corruption Scandal.

  3. Some background and a light at the end of the tunnel. Corruption in FWISD begins and ends with Judy Needham. Maybe as more comes to light, the new D.A. will take a closer look. Don't know what happened to Mario Perez but he was a wealth of knowledge about Needham, Jackson, and their relationship with Linebarger.

  4. Another "stroll down memory lane" - this time in Sims' district with the Bond proposal:

  5. If we are now using "consultants", why do we have such a huge bureaucracy downtown?

  6. If you think that is bad and want to know just how deep the corruption and nepotism run, check out this from the Fort Worth Weekly:
    "The Trinity River Vision staff reads like a social directory for the offspring of local politicians and high-ranking officials: Most notably U.S. Rep. Kay Granger’s son J.D. is its executive director, and the Tarrant Regional Water District’s head honcho Jim Oliver’s son Matt is the TRV’s public information officer.
    Mayor Betsy Price was all over television shilling for the Ed Bass-led effort to get taxpayers to pay for his pet project, an absurdly high-priced arena. It would have been Fort Worth knowing (to borrow from those commercials) that her son-in-law works for Ed Bass’ real estate company and sits on the board of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.
    When former Fort Worth schools Superintendent Walter Dansby stepped down from that post in June, he took a flamethrower to that bridge when he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that some school board members had a problem with him because he refused to give raises to their relatives. He said he had to get rid of 19 people “closely tied” to board members over the years, though he wouldn’t name anyone specifically."

    Dansby forgot to mention his niece whom he placed. Wonder if he counted Ramos' wife in the number of relatives he refused to give a job to. He certainly didn't count Ramos' "close personal friend" whom he did give a job to.

  7. Sorum is coming? How can we stop this?!

  8. No Strings AttachedDecember 4, 2014 at 9:52 PM

    Surely, this can't be true. Please tell me that it's still speculation or do you have some inside information?

  9. More inside information than you think. It's coming people, be prepaired. I think I'll leave the district, he has no business leading us. I can't continie teaching down this path.