Sunday, November 30, 2014


We figured the district thought we would forget about these issues after a nice Turkey dinner!

Well we haven't and we won't until we see results.

Let's start with the superintendent search.... the firm of Ray and Associates has been conducting the search and among the items was to meet with the community to hear what they want in a new superintendent.  Resoundingly they want someone who is not a current or former employee, we already went through one and look how it turned out.  The community told them stories about the lack of trust in the administration and board members, workplace bullying, corruption and generational gaps that do not allow the district to move forward.  Ray and Associates is proud of their record in find good candidates because they listen to stakeholders and they have spoken loudly.  Here we have their mission statement:"We will provide our clients with the highest quality services to assist them in hiring leaders who will meet district specific needs and positively impact the education of all students."

This brings us to the issue we have now with the likes of Needham who from what we hear is pushing Sorum to go for Superintendent.  If you recall back when Johnson left, he applied for the El Paso position and got rejected so he stayed as consolation and got a hefty raise.  Needham needs to know loud and clear that the people do not want someone who is currently working in the district.
Johnson brought him and she needs to dance him away.  We need to oppose any inclination of Sorum being a candidate for Superintendent.  The reason the district is where it is it's because he has been involved for more than 5 years and has ruined it.  Every year is something new and teachers are tired of it.

After seeing that picture we all may need a drink, heavy one at that!!!!

Now we move onto the PALAZZOLO CASE
As you may remember the district has stopped discussing at the board meetings anything related to the case.  They did not discuss the appeal made nor any of the decisions made by the court.  The district is wanting to move the case from Wise County to Tarrant County because they have the big whigs ready to squash this case down.  The new hearing is set for December 22 and guess what, the district requested a jury hearing.  They figured that Joe would give up and that it would not come at a time when they are searching for the new super.  Well they are wrong and are doing everything they can to stop this from continuing.  Remember that the district was sued for TOMA violation.  Once again they sent a request for change of venue in the name of the FWISD Board of Trustees who have not voted to make that motion nor anything related to the case.  Utterly incomprehensible that our elected leaders are not taking this seriously and allowing funds to be used without accountability.  There is no insurance that is paying for this, the district is paying for it.  Below are documents that were filed.  Dr. Sutherland we need you to make a point of order to ask when the decision was made to appeal and also how the lawyers are making requests on behalf of the board when no votes have been taken.

After reading the documents all I can say is FWISD should of hired monkeys to do the work because the rebuttals are horrendous.


FINALLY.. some links related to the last issues we had with the prior bond and also one document of how Hank Johnson brought the GPISD budget down and then left.  As he just did with loss of revenue.  You be the judge.


  1. Please find out at the next Board Meeting - in General Session, who in the heck has authorized these continuous expenditures for legal fees in the Palazzolo case; why there was no notice to the Public; and why there was no Public vote? This should be grounds to demand Norm Robbins ('there is no retaliation in FWISD") step down.

  2. The entire science department begged Sorum to stop Joe Ferrara from bullying his employees in 07-08 and Sorum did nothing but defend him. Guess Joe Ferrara was at that famous loud party with male strippers? Wonder if former Chief Mendoza knows anything about that police report?

  3. This article cracks me up. Sorum will be the next Supt. We were asked last time from the board and the search firm what we wanted, and we ended up with Dansby? Really?! And shocker, that didn't work out so well. The board has made a decision and Sorum is waiting in the wings. So sad for the children and teachers in FWISD. I have been in the district long enough to know what will happen, and it doesn't look good.

  4. Please I beg that Sorum not be the next superintendent. He promotes bullying and has Carolyne Creel and others as his henchmen. He has surrounded himself with acting assistant and associate superintendents so people have to go through his henchmen and he never has to do his job. Therefore,he is basically an untouchable getting a big salary to do nothing.
    People write your senators make them aware of the FWISD corruption and abuse of power.

  5. I also have a questionDecember 1, 2014 at 2:20 PM

    There are currently several employee grievances - all dealing with bullying or hiring practices - now pending Stage 3 hearings before the Board. This does not include those which have been settled in recent months for minimum cash settlements of $20,000 +. I would like to know how much has been spent on legal fees for each case - from Chavez, Gonzalez, Duran Palazzolo, and the others since 2008. FWISD is simply ignoring Open Records Requests for the same. You have to wonder why? What are they hiding? One thing for sure: under Dickerson, Needham, Moss and Robbins the attorneys are getting rich at taxpayer expense.

  6. If open records requests are ignored you must notify the Attorney General. I would also notify TEA. You can attach the complaint to #INV2015-09-063. I would also notify your TX house and Senate reps.

  7. I know of one wrongful demotion grievance about to go to level 3 hearing. This administrator complained to Sorum about her being bullied by her boss. They demoted her cut her salary 14, 000.00 a year and promoted the bully making 6 figures. She had great evaluations and was succesful in her leadership of her department. But she is a victim of the corruption and bulling under Sorums leadership.

  8. No Strings AttachedDecember 1, 2014 at 4:37 PM

    Wait a minute; how can we even consider someone as a superintendent if this person has never been a campus leader? Surely, we are getting ahead of ourselves! Has Sorum ever taught? Idk nothing really shocks me anymore in FWISD!

  9. Sorum is known for hiding behind his desk and letting others do his dirty work. Cross him and you will know it. He appears to be a nice guy but he is one man full of hate and revenge.

  10. This board will never hire a super they cannot control. That means it will be someone that puts their own personal gain, ie financial, above anyone else's interest. That makes Sorum the perfect candidate. Even if they hire from outside we'll still be stuck with someone that is just as greedy and self serving. Just look at the last 2 we had from outside, 1 was a thief and the other wanted to make sure all of her friends got jobs that paid really well including the ridiculous amount she made. Let's face it Ft. Worth, the city I love and grew up in has become so incestuous with backroom deals, payoffs and the acceptance of weak, corrupt public officials that it deserves what we get. Too bad the children and employees of the district have to suffer because of it.

  11. And we wonder why these clowns never have done anything to stop Judy Needham?

  12. No Strings AttachedDecember 2, 2014 at 6:44 PM

    So confused? What's this have to do with our Board? I'm pretty sure that the Fort Worth Police Dept. doesn't write tickets for unethical behavior.

  13. The D.A. investigates and prosecutes white collar crime. "Lobingier says Halstead asked him to not make the city look bad. For the sake of appearances, prosecutor and police chief conspired to keep a secret. Lobingier then omitted the whole truth from his news release.
    As all of this left the reputations of nine police officers to continue twisting in the wind.
    That’s shameful."
    Sound familiar? Substitute Police Department for FWISD. Police Officers for Teachers. For once, I agree with the Star Telegram Editorial Board. Perhaps with a new D.A., someone will finally tire of the endless FWISD and Board scandals and investigate starting with the Bond issues, the lack of transparency, and the repeated violations of Law regarding meetings. fiduciary responsibility, handling of public funds, nepotism, hiring practices, threats to elected officials, retaliation, etc. etc.

  14. No Strings AttachedDecember 2, 2014 at 10:28 PM

    Oh! Thanks for the clarification. After reading your explanation, I did a little "googling" just to see if there were any examples of a DA with the guts to do the right thing. Wouldn't you know, there was a case in San Diego County-DA in Sweetwater charged 5 with corruption, bribery, etc. this included a superintendent. I think I will do a bit more reading. If other DA's in other counties have the balls to do what's right, then we should be posting those links. If we just stand by and do nothing, we are just as culpable! I don't know about you but, I think it's time to inform the masses!