Wednesday, December 10, 2014



If any of you tuned into the board meeting, there was a lively discussion of sorts about the request for an additional 1.2 million for legal on what was said were the day to day operations.  FWISD attorney Carrillo was looking more for 1.5 million.

We protested heavily and had Dr. Sutherland and Paz who helped table the agenda item because of the many questions we have on what taxpayer dollars are paying for.  The other discussion came when a list of vendor attorneys were presented and voted on it separately because the thought was that the money was being paid out up front.  We hope that administration was being up front about the reason for the request and no money is being transferred unless services are rendered.  But the central issue is why so much money and what is going on that so much money is needed?  What other legal issues are we battling?  We can see consultation but how much does it cost per hour to consult or how is it paid?  These are things that the public needs to know, just like your nutrition label, gives us the facts on what we are buying.

We also know with the lawsuits that are ongoing just the high legal fees being paid to TASB and other attorneys.  We keep coming back to the Risk Management Fund which has a 1,000, 000 limit and of course FWISD is responsible for fees, etc.  Well we know that the agreement ended in 2013 and from all indications no one knows why it was cancelled or who did it.  So at this point FWISD is responsible for everything even though TASB has the case.  They started the Palazzolo case and they need to end it. Regardless we kind of did the math and this is what we figure out to be the cost of that case not counting the other suits.  Also with the board not having anything related to TASB on the agenda for another contract then we assume there is nothing binding except what they started with.

As of October 2, 2014 TASB has spent $911,104 out of the 1 million limit on the contract.  This is on top of the $350,000 FWISD indicated in open record that it had spent on the original battles against Palazzolo.  So with the virtual fund being depleted thus far then we see how a 1.2 million request would basically replenish it.  Plus FWISD paid the $100,000 deductible.  If you add most of it up it comes out to $1.4 million all together so far which would make sense for Carillo to request $1.5 million.

Board members, if you have been briefed or not at least now you see where we are headed with something that could of been handled and settled.  Oh don't forget the $2.4 million settlement judgement won by Palazzolo that is pending.  All the district had to do early on was to settle the case for $300,000 and give Mr. Palazzolo his job back since he won by a jury trial.  Think about how much more would of been saved but there is a hidden agenda by some members to hide the wrongdoings that we will expose at some point.  You can't keep hiding the truth and just as members and admin go to church and preach the truth will save you, then we need you to walk that talk.


  1. I thought the Board was paying these guys to "manage risk". Instead they allowed Needham's vindictiveness to run wild while attorneys lined their pockets. Just think what this $$ could have done in our classrooms.

  2. Ms. Carrillo seemed almost desperate Tuesday night to get the 1.2 million request for legal fees passed. While I was aware that several "victims" (I mean employees) are currently in their sights, I did not realize how aggressively they were being pursued. My disgust at the waste of education dollars on litigation blinded me to just how vicious these people still are. They have not changed. Linares was part of their gang then as she is now. Tonight I learned they are still targeting people, still retaliating, still demanding they falsify documents. If you watch Linares' smug comment to Ann Sutherland about not realizing administrators were held in such low regard (para-phrasing), just look around at what continues in this ISD. We should be about educating children but we are not. Mr. Ramos, you really should do a better job of pretending to be about kids instead of saying what you are told to say by your handlers. Those laptops should have been in the hands of children a long time ago. 1.5 million could buy quite a few. I am still wondering who wants the Farrington property. And yes, select individuals continue to be allowed to pursue additional degrees or certification during school time. There is such waste in this ISD. Some would call it fraud.

  3. It doesn't end until you get rid of Needham, Robbins, Jackson, and now Avilla and Ramos. New "victims" are being targeted and retaliated as I write this. Sorum of all people is being groomed for Super and is even now answering for the administration. It is a sick, corrupt organization completely NOT focused on kids.

  4. Dr. Sutherland, Is there any estimate of how much time was spent by staff attorneys (Bertha Whatley, Tonya Dawson, Valerie Carrillo); OPS staff (Menchaca, Robert Ray's relative and the other investigators), and anyone else involved in this. In the business world, all of these costs would have been part of a legitimate "risk analysis" and should have been presented to the Board for consideration when making decisions. I guess onw would say, making INFORMED decisions. I fear the actual cost is more accurately 2-3 times the 1.5 figure.

  5. There has to be a major cultural change in the way FWISD treats employees. It starts at the top with exposing Needham, Robbins and Jackson. Sorum as with Linares, is NOT the answer.

  6. Mr. Ramos will be a central part of any renaissance in this district. Trustees are in a very visible position and few of us fail to do unpopular things over time.

  7. I asked for this years ago and was told there was no way to estimate. Here's my guess: 1/4 time for Director of Admn, 1 year for assoc. attorney, 20% for Whatley, 5% for MJ + 1 support person. $50K + $80K + $26K + $16K + $35K= $207,000 +12% for benefits = $231,000. (Oh, I just forgot the investigator and Mr. Menchaca . . . it goes on and on.)