Thursday, December 18, 2014

FWISD Student's Nightmare Before Christmas!

As we embark on this Christmas Holiday Season we want to let the public know that we are keeping watch on the FWISD and the minions that are destroying the very fabric of the district.

We have good teachers and principals that are looking to go to another district because as they say it " it's crazy."  We don't blame them as bullying and retaliation become rampant and so far the majority of our board has not jumped on the defense for our staff.  We know the "cut throat" tactics of Sorum and Breed have laid all blame on the principals and teachers for all that is wrong with the schools but do not offer any help.  How can they when their pushover ideas have not given results for the past 6 years or longer and yet we expect greatness.  A semester is about done and our children are hurting because of them.

So while our children are deprived of their education, the mighty admin has some fun on the backs of our children.  So sad!

Look below at the connections and scariness of the situation when you still have the old guard meddling in the decisions of the past.  The very people that destroyed and continue to destroy lives.  Interesting!
Unfortunately the needs of our students are not being met and hence the nightmare before christmas rings so true.  We will not rest until the house is cleaned out!

Who will save the day?

Thanks to Dr. Sutherland for speaking how this district is just about the talk.  It all sounds good but no substance behind it!!!


  1. OMG this is SO TRUE!! Just look at the hypocrites around the piano. How many Holidays have they ruined this year? Is that Schiro in the picture? No wonder she and Griffith are not being forced to live in accordance with ISD policy. Sickening.

  2. Normally I don't criticize for grammatical errors but considering she's been on the BOARD OF EDUCATION for decades I will. This came from Christine Moss and the sentiment is nice however, always check your spelling and grammar.

    Thank you for a great year. We are now headed to the New Year of 2015

    Season's greetings and heartfelt wishes for peace and joy to you.

    Enjoy the holidays.

    Weather you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, I wish you happy holidays and enjoy your family.

    I know it's a cheap shot but like all the board members except Ann, she deserves it.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, this is one of the unethical idiots on the Board who claims to have a "college education". This just keeps going from bad to worse. MJ and her phony TCU position and Linares. What a pair. Robbins would never get away with this at Lockheed.

  4. Obviously Moss is not extending these wishes to the employees she continues to allow to be bullied, harassed and retaliated against by her blind support of management.
    Dansby {though a life long bully in his own right), like Carlos and Tatum before him, thought he could cut a deal with this crowd. He was wrong. I hope he comes back with a vengeance and either sues this Board or runs against Moss. All of the schools and athletic fields need to be stripped of their names. What an slap in the face to their victims. You will be called to answer for your betrayal of the public trust. Have you no pride Ms. Moss? Did it not bother you that when Needham was made Board President she had a full color spread with 4 or 5 photographs (perhaps aided by Griffith) in the Star Telegram while you had barely a paragraph? They say power is intoxicating. You all are addicted and corrupted.

  5. That second photo should caption as: "Party in the closet". All such fine upstanding examples of fearing nothing aren't they?