Friday, December 5, 2014


Just to keep you updated on everything FWISD and to make sure that we keep everything fresh in our mind.  Remember FWISD likes to keep you waiting and waiting so that eventually you give up and they keep on doing their thing.

Let's start with the board agenda coming up and a few things that have caught our eyes. 

One item is the possible extension of the contract with Linares.  So this means that either the firm can't find a good candidate or they are wanting to make it long enough to where they say let's put Sorum there since he is here already.  Let's keep on fighting folks Sorum is bad medicine.  Board members we are watching.

We thank Dr. Sutherland for pushing for us.  According to her blog the SCAs will be on the agenda for voting so that we can see just how our elected leaders will do.  If they truly take their job seriously they will listen to the teachers, students and parents and not a bureaucrat like Sorum who is trying to prove something that he cannot do.  He cannot lead nor know exactly what is happening in our schools. 

Also Dr. Sutherland is asking where the money for all these legal fees are going.  We know they are hiding plenty.  So they want 1.2 Million for legal fees, what is going on?  Lawyers getting rich on the backs of our students who still lack adequate resources.
Then a little bird has been spreading the news that Former Super Johnson and Linares have been having a few meals together.  They were spotted by a source.  Funny how Johnson brought in Reyna and hung Linares out to dry.  We all know people don't just leave, if Linares really had retired and moved on she would not have taken the job now.  There were fights all along.  Anyway we smell cover up on issues that Johnson created folks.  We hope both enjoyed their dinner and don't celebrate too much yet because we are watching. 


  1. Face it. If Needham and MJ have their way, Sorum will be the next Superintendent. Parents, Teachers, Students and employees be damned! It will truly be the blind leading the blind. More like "keeping the bodies buried". We have to mobilize Teachers and employees now. Whatever happened to that phony "educator" MJ resigning to go to California to take care of her mother? A make believe job at TCU. We have four weeks left in the calendar year and someone wants 1.2 million in legal fees? On top of what has already been spent? The only ones getting rich out of this are the attorneys. We need that money in the classroom. The fact that this Board needs to spend million each year in legal fees (2 million on Palazzolo alone) is the measure of how sick the organization (FWISD) is. Vote "NO" on any more legal fees. That is why you have not one but two staff attorneys.

  2. Someone needs to ask how much $$ has been spent in pre-court, pre-level 3 grievance settlements. The answer is in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. I do not believe the Board is approving these (another recently paid out with more waiting in the wings), though Needham, Robbins and Jackson (the inner circle) are allegedly briefed on them - which is again probably illegal. How many claims, grievances and lawsuits are the result of the SAME unethical and/or illegal practices such as in the Chavez, Duran and Palazzolo cases? This is why we need NEW outside leadership and not another Broad flunky who is a buddy of MJ. So now we know the true reason Linares was brought in and why she made no changes: they never intended to clean house. The corruption and incompetence continues. Menchaca and OPS continue to falsify, misrepresent, and cover-up. After what was revealed at the Palazzolo trial it is hard to believe he still has a job. What about his role in covering up abuse of children by predatory employees? Remember the nipple-pinching Principal who Dansby and the Board protected? The Principal dating his student? The Teacher dating his student? The Teacher allegedly on his way to Mexico with his student/girlfriend? This has continued under Linares. How many teachers "released" by other ISD's for improper or questionable conduct has FWISD accepted and employed? How many friends of Board Members - some not even certified - have been employed? It is time to wake up the public up to what has been going on with children in this District. The Principals and senior staff - all the way to the Superintendent and Board Members - who fail to report these incidents as required by law should resign or be fired.
    FWISD spends millions fabricating evidence against people they target, yet fails to act on the obvious.

  3. No Strings AttachedDecember 6, 2014 at 8:25 PM

    Here's a thought: Let's take just 10% of the $$ wasted on legal fees (that we know about) and test students who are dyslexic! We waste all this $$ on Crap instead of where it's really needed! We should be looking at putting all funds into improving students education. Statistically, we should have at least 10% of our student population receiving dyslexic interventions but, we don't even bother with trying to identify them. I guess we still aren't going to address the fact that every decision our district makes prevents achievement for all! Let's look at it another way: If big cooperations were given big money to have a certain % of it's businesses fail, I guess they would make sure failure was guaranteed! Where's the incentive to do what's right for kids? That money should be for our students, not for ANYONES PROFIT OR GAIN!

  4. Speaking of legal fees, how much interest is accruing on the Palazzolo judgment? Why is the Board still dragging this out? According to the info in this blog, no public vote was taken on an appeal and now there is another suit over that. Why doesn't Ann Sutherland or someone on the Board call for a vote to end the madness. Pretty obvious Robbins lied to everyone.

  5. Better question for AnnDecember 7, 2014 at 8:49 AM

    Better question is why would you vote to increase spending on legal fees by 1.2 million dollars when there has been no accounting of how much money has been spent on outside attorneys for the past five years? This is not only about the Palazzolo case (though certainly the most expensive boondoggle thus far) but all of the other cases as well including the use of Ben Barlow to investigate employees. Get an accounting FIRST. Elections are around the corner.

  6. Here's a about FWISD leadership conduct business in an ethical, honest, professional manner instead of puposely hurting professionals who stand up and dpeak out against unethical and bullying behavior. The grievances filed are fiked by professionals who have bern wronged, their careers ruinef by people abusing their power!! Something has to be done to change the horrible unethical conduct of the people at the top of FWISD.