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Recall that on August 12, 2014, the board had on the agenda to go into executive or closed session to decide on Palazzolo case.  At such time nothing was discussed nor decisions made in public.

Then we have the release of the communique from the district that they have decided to appeal the case.  Remember also that the attorney Brandt has taken the case because he has to prove that he is right and because TASB is paying for it, then he feels that he can take any decision without approval of the elected body who represents the PEOPLE.  Board of Trustees you have all allowed this to go on for too long.  Read the suit presented today.

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  1. Who do we file a complaint with? I know it can't be with our Tarrant county DA so which outside agency would the complaint be filed with?

  2. The Attorney General has sole authority (except for the Courts) over the Open Meetings Act. Here is the Hotline Number to anonymously call in a complaint.
    This is just the latest in numerous alleged violations of TOMA by the FWISD School Board in recent years. I would urge you to circulate this among family and friends. The more people who file a complaint the more likely we will finally get some assistance.

  3. What is the complaint about?

  4. CIA, the complaint would be a violation of the TOMA. Info, thanks for the information. Unfortunately with Abbot still AG and his most likely successor a crook, I don't have a lot of confidence anything would get done.

  5. Have you heard the one about "insurance is covering the appeal"? Someone needs to forward all of this info along with links to this website and the Fort Worth Weekly to the Super's search firm so that prospective candidates get an ACCURATE picture of the mess they would be walking into. This is all about Board ego - all at taxpayer expense.

  6. Maybe we should show up at the "Community Meetings" Tobi Jackson is talking about in today's Board propaganda rag (the Star T) and distribute copies of this petition and the Jury verdict. Obviously the Board has some explaining to do. What hypocrites! How much longer does this circus have to go on?

  7. Isn't it nice that the board wants to pretend that they will listen to what the public wants in a super. If you've seen the survey that's being sent around you know how ridiculous it is. Of course it's very general but where are questions like do you want a super who will stand up to the board or fight for his employees or that will really put students 1st or that will listen to teachers not just people in their own bubble?

  8. If someone asked me what I would be doing in five years, I
    would’ve NEVER thought I would still be fighting for justice for Palazzolo! Who
    would’ve guessed that one person, Judy Needham, would carry her hatred and
    vengeful heart this far, just to ensure her reputation is pristine!? That is
    what this is all about, always has and will be until the day it is completely
    over and Joe wins…a second time! It’s funny to me that the FWISD has received
    such stellar advice from its inept and greedy counsel, to the point that in
    prolonging Joe’s case, it has spun a couple of more lawsuits in the process! These
    lawsuits, of course, are against the district! What or who is the catalyst for
    the original AHHS/Palazzolo case, Defamation suit, and now the violation of
    TOMA? The answers are clearly stated in this one paragraph! Pride, reputation,
    greed, bullying, retaliation, misappropriation of taxpayer money, and so forth,
    are so politically and personally charged with vengeance. This district
    continues to screw people under the guise of a cloak latent with lies! Yet NO
    ONE, in the history of this district, has taken the proverbial bull by the
    horns and challenged them legally, as Joe has done for 5 years and counting! Hear
    this; all the haters and naysayers out there, who still believe that Joe has
    been in it for the $, YOU have NO CLUE what this man and his family have gone
    through! All Joe wanted was his job back, to stay at AHHS, where he had built
    rapport with his colleagues and the students. Joe would still be in
    administration and enjoying his life helping our students succeed! Who knows,
    maybe he would’ve been Principal at AHHS, after the last few losers it has had.
    Once again, a dictator was almost overthrown (Needham), for allowing and
    knowing what was going on at AHHS and did nothing about it. Enter vengeance!

    I’ve always been a firm believer that truth always prevails;
    I will always believe that, even when I sound like a broken record telling Joe
    this over and over again. This man is a Pioneer for those, who have lost the
    fight in death against FWISD for similar cases, and for those, who have and will
    follow with more lawsuits! FWISD has wanted to play hard ball these last 5
    years with motions, bogus Rule 11’s, backhanded deals, greedy lawyers (on both
    sides) and wasted taxpayer money. Well, why not, b.c. it’s NOT their money; it’s
    mine and yours…ours! I’ve always contended that FWISD (and the evil one,
    Needham), has underestimated Joe from the beginning. Joe responded to your maliciousness,
    to fight for all of us, not just himself or his family. Few know Joe personally
    or professionally and/or both! If you do, in either form, you would understand
    where his heart is, and it’s in education. But in reality, it is YOU FWISD, who
    will keep him away from it.

    As far as the Super search; I am not hopeful that the
    district is willing to hire someone totally new to come into such a dysfunctional
    and corrupt district! The evil one will not allow this at all. This is the
    reason she is still on the board after 18 yrs!!! This is all the same BS as it
    was with Dansby, who by the way, would love to throw this very same board under
    the bus, in order to save his shiny hiney! No, I don’t have faith for a new
    leader in our district, because “Sorum the Queen” will most likely move into
    the position like Dansby moved into his. Same BS again, “We searched high and
    low for the best candidate and we realized the “best” has been here all along…heeeeeer’s
    Mikey.” Super Survey my ass! They have never listened to the employees from the
    district and the constituents of our community before, why start now? If the
    public only knew what many of us insiders already know, we would be in the
    headlines like Atlanta and El Paso!

  9. What I find infuriating is Griffith's usual, unethical spin in her press release: "....Palazzolo's dismissal was based on his own conduct and not motivated by any intent of retaliation by the FWISD." Are you kidding? No one yet has believed that line of crap - not the Commissioner, not the Judge, and certainly not the Jury. My bad. I forgot about that attorney who served as a TEA Examiner and was paid 3 times the legal limit for his fee. Anyway, how do these clowns continue to hold office and pursue their own agenda in violation of the LAW!! How do we get this out into the public? How does someone like Cinto Ramos still work in Juvenile Justice let alone still sit on the Board? What in the hell is wrong with the other Board Members?

  10. My question for Mr. Avilla is, if you are an attorney (un-elected though you may be), why did you allow Needham, Robbins and Brandt to mis-guide the rest of the Board? Surely you knew they were violating law. Why didn't you stop it? A TOMA violation is a misdemeanor criminal offense isn't it? Aren't you an officer of the court? And what about telling the public that insurance is covering the expense? Thank God elections are almost here!

  11. setting it straightOctober 5, 2014 at 11:12 PM

    You are incorrect. The Board is responsible for the decision to appeal and thus to the voters. The Board cannot hide behind their insurance company and cannot subordinate their responsibility to the public to a vendor. FWISD is not a corporation it is a public entity. Get your facts straight or show your law degree. FWISD has played this dame shell game for far too long.

  12. Thank you for setting me straight. There has to be some means for citizens to stop FWISD administration and the BOD without waiting for elections. Wish I did have a law degree. I don't even get to play a lawyer on TV. Thanks again.