Sunday, October 5, 2014



This is just the beginning of the uprising against the malice that the board and the administration bring to our declining district.  The actions they take are damaging any progress they speak and dream of because of the ineptness of their choices.  We will not stay quiet any longer until someone listens and takes action.

Below are two citizens who are moving forward with what we have posted on breach of trust and basic fundamentals of law breaking.

One other item that we focused on was the alleged "insurance" that is covering the unlawful appeal, well it's not true.  There is no insurance for appeals and the board does no get it.  Either they lied or they are completely nieve.  Therefore we must ask that they unveil the costs of the appeal and everything else that they are being sued for.

Below links to a few samples of Citizens in Action:


  1. We need to make sure all of this information to include previous stories of philandering Board Members, pictures of Board Members in bed with Athletic Directors, nipple pinching Principals who were allowed to stay, Principals who had affairs with students, etc. etc is sent to the Ray & Associates as well as candidates for Governor. Can't Avilla be turned in to Bar Association?

  2. One more thing before I go.....I encourage CIA and other posters to send copies of this valuable information to the Spanish newspapers on the Northside. I believe they will translate into Spanish. We need to engage our friends on the Northside to join us. I believe these children are being mistreated in a multitude of ways disciplinary, undiagnosed learning disabilities, and fines for truancy to mention a few.

  3. Thanks to Ms.LaBeau and Mr. Duran for stepping up with their letters. Let's hope that something comes of them. It is disappointing that the AG's office kicked the open meetings complaint back to our DA's office. With our DA, I'm afraid that will guarantee that nothing will be done.

  4. Let's keep the faith. The local D.A. only prosecutes the criminal aspects of the violation and sadly it is only a misdemeanor. No doubt Needham, Robbins, Avilla and the others knew that when they made the decision to violate the law. Even if the D.A. does not or will not prosecute criminally (Needham bragged they were friends), anyone can still file a civil action as Palazzolo did. This is a CLEAR violation of the OMA. Then in Avilla's case, there is also the BAR Association. The point is, this Board could have settled this in 2013 for a 2 year contract and $300,000. Needham wanted to drag this out. On the audio she even commented that the Board was in violation of the OMA during that meeting. Now look at what a mess she has made of this too. It's our money funding this people. Elections are just around the corner. Only one Board Member has stood for integrity in this process: Ann Sutherland.

  5. Check the new article on Joe in the Ft.W. Weekly. His new lawyer has filed suit against the district for violating the TOMA laws. Good for Joe.