Thursday, September 18, 2014


Once again, the mighty RUBBER STAMP by the blind FWISD board!

Former Santa Fe Youth Service employees reached out to alert CIA of a push for a contract that is absolutely worthless to FWISD students.
No one in this organization is certified to work with youth and many HIPPA laws are violated and caseloads are impossible to complete, but they must have the numbers to fulfill their grant! 
Once again, no one asks questions or investigates the validity of some organizations- NO TRANSPARENCY and the board RUBBER STAMPS it!

Hey, how about we ask the folks on the ground for input, like you should have asked the teachers input before you rolled out yet ANOTHER TEST!!!

The air must be thin up in cabinet to make such ridiculous decisions, but again it is who you know!


  1. CIA, what program are these people a part of? I've never heard of them.

  2. Interesting that you are posting about this. FWISD is still getting the evaluation component of our Baldridge model into operating mode. The evaluation of Santa Fe Youth Services doesn't compare the success of program participants with those not in the program. Dr. Linares and staff are working on this.

  3. Very interesting...don't we have enough FWISD and other programs already in place that work? Again, why spend more money that FWISD does not have?

  4. Ask the folks on the ground for feedback!!! Of course all fear retaliation from the top is voices from the bottom are heard.

  5. How far has the Model gone? From the way things are organized, there is no Continuous Improvement made. There is no information to the customers and customer service is subpar. One thing is to have a model, the other is to talk and walk it. Until we see the changes we seek, no program will be successful.

  6. There is data supporting the program, perhaps this could be shared with the public.