Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So we are back once again to retell a story that has been told many times yet no changes.

If you were watching the board meeting last night we had an interesting take on the bond money.  We ran a small story on how the bond committee plainly stated that the district needed to spend the money on what the voters decided it should be spent on.  Remember that athletics was taken off the bond because the way it was sold to voters is that we needed to improve our schools, raise our expectations, etc.  Well let's just say it plain and simple!

Yes my friends the board once again lied to the taxpayers about what it's intention to spend the money for the classrooms, etc.  Again and again they don't feel any remorse nor anything towards us because they run the board as they wish.

So let me ask you board members:
*Have you resolved the issue with the laptops?
*Have you resolved the issue with the loss of equipment?
*Have you resolved the issue with the PK resources needed?

Would not a million dollars be useful for the classroom, teacher pay, etc. ?

As our board will not answer us, just know taxpayers that they approved ONE MILLION DOLLARS for each High School's athletic program.  Even some on the board questioned why it was not equitable given that some schools have sorry facilities.  Yet the same board members voted for it as if the complaints were just a front to the reality of what teachers, students live each day.

We are not against athletics but give us the research on athletics affecting student achievement when there is an urgency to improve academics.  We were driving past Arlington Heights and they have nice turn on their field.  So another million to add three more layers of turf?  But wait the article states that north side has the biggest facility and good ol boy Dansby was on hand.  So this tells us that deals were made during the bond process and even though on paper they were not put up for votes, they knew they could circumvent the process and still get what you need.  So we have sell outs on the board and we expected, yes expected more from the new bloods which at this point have been infected with the same shameful behavior they ran against.  But of course they go to church and ask for forgiveness to do it again and again...

Truly this is about the board lying again and again.  The money was not for sports, that's why you have to budget for items you need.  What kind of lives are you people living?  Is this how you do things at home?  I would bet you take care of your money better than you do what we entrusted you with.  So teachers sorry that you did not have all the resources up front but just know you can look forward to a nice athletic facility for you to tutor in or perhaps take a break from the undue stress being put on you with out any support.


  1. Athletics was not taken off the bond. It was part of Prop 1:

    The article says, "Athletic facilities: All 13 high schools would get new field houses. These structures have been described by students as cramped and sorely outdated. The proposed bond also includes a new field house for Scarborough-Handley Field, used for football and soccer. Cost: $14,000,000"

    It doesn't help our cause when we get the facts wrong. There is plenty of criticism to go around so there's no need to spread misinformation. The truth is all we need.

    Read more here:

  2. I think the point is, with 14 million already designated for Athletic, why pull another 13 million? The Bond was for 14 million not 27 million.

  3. FYI, the posting by fed-up with the S-T article link is not fed-up. I have used that name on this site, the Ft. Worth Weekly, and the S-T before they changed their policy. Because I believe the truth is always the best route, I don't disagree with what the impostor wrote about having the facts, however what the board did wasn't what the taxpayers approved and should not have been done. It is hypocritical for Moss and Sutherland and Jackson to complain about it but vote for it. If something is wrong oppose. That's how things get changed. Unfortunately our board is more interested in there own agendas rather than what is really in the best interest of the students, teachers, and the people of Ft. Worth.
    To the other guy, while I have no copyright on the name fed-up, I have been using it for more than a year in various blogs. I would appreciate if you would use something else.
    Thank you,
    the original fed-up

  4. FWIW, none of the commenters below are really fed-up. I have posted on
    countless forums, the weekly, Sutherlands blog and this one under the
    moniker for years. I agree with the charlatans below tho, consistently
    factual reporting is the only way tobe taken seriously. This is why
    Southerland has lttle credibility in the eyes of people watching. go
    through her blog and count the number of times she's had to correct
    herself, retract statements or apologize for misinformation... its
    pathetick and frankly embarrassing. We need to quit shooting from the
    hip, it's making us look like desperate amateurs. And while we're at it
    can we all agree not to use my nickname? I made that up. Thaaaanks.

  5. To the person stating to be the real fed-up and the other pretender, it's amazing that you RFU wrote essentially what I did. Posted on this site for years when it's only been up since March. Funny that the sites you mention are same ones I've posted on. Not sure what your agenda is for hijacking the name I've used for so long envy, or attempt to discredit my thoughts on the subjects I've written about whatever. I know that the only time I've read something written by someone using the name fed-up, until today, it was written by me. Everyone else can take that for what they want.
    As I've stated repeatedly, this board has got to go, the people need to vote in members that care about the students, teachers and other employees 1st not themselves.

  6. Sutherland is an idiot, a boob. She has no idea what she is doing, but rest assured she will be gone soon. However, the likes of Sorum and his central staff are the ones really harming our children. Please investigate the raises all central staff, plus principals, got in September.

  7. Funny my comments keep being deleted. Sutherland is behind this blog! Mention her name, your comment disappears.

  8. Funny, I MUST have hit a nerve, finally a post stayed longer than 5 minutes.

  9. Are you kidding? Is your name Avilla by chance? He's the only one I know who tried to stifle speech. Just ask Moss who finally was on the right side of an issue.

  10. That's why we know you are some drone supporter of Needham and crew. What kind of moron criticizes an elected official for daring to ask questions. Far better to ask questions, be wrong, and correct yourself than be just another boxcar on a train headed over the cliff.

  11. To the person or persons claiming to be the real fed-up, the authentic fed-up, or any other moron iteration my messaage to u is this... YOU CAN HAVE IT. no one is as fed-up with this board as me andthere is only one direction for the district as it is, down.

  12. I checked again on the report of the laptops. Mr. Davie says he is waiting for 2 schools. If it's not ready on Monday I'll ask him for the 140-odd schools that have reported.

  13. Thanks Ann but can you find out what's holding up the new desks. We've got students sitting in what we affectionately call " low rider" desks because the legs are so bent that the kids are almost on the floor. Unlike the million each for high school athletics, that was in the bond.

  14. Why are AHHS and Paschal getting another million dollars? Have they repaid the million the each got for their football fields? Doubt. it. Dr. Sutherland, please be the first Board Member to understand that we have got to have fully functional desks for our classrooms.

  15. I remember Palazzolo collecting broken desks from our classrooms at AHHS and rebuilding them on weekends with his son because our students were literally falling out of them. Guess what? They still are! The only difference is, there is no one around anymore who cares enough to do something about it. But lets name a "Baseball Complex" after a the very person driving this ISD into the ground.

  16. Just read this. What school is supposedly getting new desks?

  17. Ann, I believe the phrasing in the bond was something like refurbish or refresh desks. The problem is the district has no program for refurbishing or repairing broken desks. When you were 1st elected, I contacted you about getting money from the previous bond to replace desks but you never replied. If you go to almost any older school in the district, and check the classrooms, you'll find desks that have broken legs and sag, that have the desktops broken or have deep lines carved into the surface making it impossible to write on them, or that have seats that are broken so that only a small portion of it is left for students to sit on. It has gone beyond pathetic. As I understand the process now, schools purchase and order desks them selves. What that means is the schools don't get the bulk discount that the district could get if they made a big desk purchase after finding out what the schools need. How can students be expected to do their best when the district doesn't even care enough to provide them with a desk that they can comfortably sit and work at. Of all the millions that are in that bond there has to be money to replace these desks,