Monday, September 8, 2014


So a few posts back we posted here and on Facebook about the bond committee that was upset at the district for spending money and not telling them how it was being used or used money that was not slated for another project other than the bond projects.  Bond Committee this is what FWISD does, it spends how it wants regardless of anything because they don't feel they owe nothing to the taxpayers who approved it.

So now the story breaks on the Telegram which is a bit behind since we reported on it when Dr. Sutherland brought it to our attention on the board agenda.

So the question is who is giving the board advice?  Where do they get that they can spend money however they want?  I thought we had a nice fund balance to spend as we wish?  We sure did hire people and give raises to the top echelon.  No shame to what you do.  So lawyers on the board, what do you advice since you are all top notch?  Somebody, anybody?  Exactly, you have nothing to say because you know it is wrong.  We hope you all go to church and pray about it and let God know what you did wrong that's if you do feel any remorse.

It so happens that they got caught and now they say they did it legally and with what they knew at the time.  Come on folks!  This is not the first time the board has done this it just so happens that the people on the committee are a bit smarter than our board.  Yet no one on the board comes out and criticizes the decision and explains to their constituents what is going on.  We know the board does things in secrecy and it doesn't surprise because at the end the taxpayers end up picking up the bill and they don't care because it doesn't come out of their pocket. 

So a fine lesson the board is teaching our students, take money that doesn't belong to you and just say you did it with what you knew at the time.  Let's see how far mom and dad let you get away with it.


  1. Not a surprise at all. They did it because they could, period. That's the way this board operates and because the public, the citizens of Ft. Worth have allowed them to do this without ANY consequences it will continue. While they were stealing money from the bond to buy the building, how many new desks were purchased to replace the broken ones our students are still sitting in? What was that # again, yeah none and that's part of the bond. Here's a question the oversight board should ask, who owned the building they bought? Dig deep enough and a connection to the board or upper management is sure to be found.

  2. My favorite part of the article is the hand slaps for doing wrong and the very slight and almost warning of, "Hey guys, don't do it again. But if you do, you have to let us know a lot sooner rather than later." Boy o' boy, that kind of accountability is really going to work with this board.

  3. You're right, all they needed to was wink wink nod nod to make it perfect.

  4. This is a School Board out of control. is this legal? Didn't Heights and Paschal already get new football fields when no one else did?