Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Last night the board tabled the policy revision where HCM and legal counsel want Bullying to be removed from policy because it is not needed.  They refer the matter to DH policy which covers harassment as they believe Bullying and Harassment are the same thing.  If we read the policies they are completely different just as we instituted a bullying policy for students.  If that was the case then why the whole INOK?

The question here is which legal counsel wants this?  I thought the legal counsel was gone.

This is what we get from having people with no credentials to run policy, Mia Hall.  In this case it would benefit her and other bullies to not have this.

Also noted that the department health and wellness was struck because it's not here which was needed.  This was the department in charge of training and supporting employees against bullying and other mistreatment but they cut that one out because of the large scale of complaints.

Anything they can do to harm employees is going to take place in FWISD. -DH Exhibit CHANGES LOCAL

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