Saturday, April 8, 2017


We saw a comment post with a video showing Paz saying she will do whatever it takes to win even if she accepts money from someone, who?  We can guess people that have no interest in our district other than to benefit, could be the Bass family or other so called VIP in town.

But the most concerning part of this is that she will hang around people who have hurt students and continue to do so.  Just like the last bully award for Ms. Ford, where does Paz stand on that.  So we see her and Mia Hall the one person who hurt students at YWLA and got a director position instead of being fired.  Paz knew the issues and was asked to intervene and did nothing.  Interestingly enough she fought with Jackson in telling her to stay out of her lane and well she did nothing to stop the carnage.

So now she will do whatever it takes to win and has shown it many times.  You can say that she doesn't but a picture says a lot.  

We know the two ladies Paz and Hall but the lady next to them is a suicide prevention advocate that probably has no idea the danger Mia placed students at YWLA.  We know that Mia is a rep for Girls, Inc.  So does Girls Inc. discriminate against LGBT?

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