Sunday, December 4, 2016


Well folks Sutherland has indicated that the board will consider a pay raise for Scribner at the next workshop.  We shot the word around to principals and the big questions is FOR WHAT?
yes, the question is what is he getting a raise for?
What has improved for anyone that merits him receiving more money when the little guy gets close to nothing after benefits, taxes, etc.  We hear DII is a mess and for sure don't hear what progress has been made by students.  You have overcrowded classrooms and more programs.

The board really needs to look at this first and really ask for the hard numbers because accountability wise the schools are not doing better, more and more programs are added and heavy top central admin.  At this point we should be saving money and giving it to the classrooms and teachers.  This is a slap in the face for the hard working employees who are not in Central Office.

While Scribner needs more money for his coal, the district continues to waste money on Palazzolo.  It seems the district twice failed to appeal on time and effectively that now they are desperate to figure out how to avoid the trial altogether.  We published their intent to have the case dismissed based on new case law they got from somewhere and now contend that Palazzolo used the Chapter 21 proceedings, grievance process, and that should be it since the board voted him out.  The question in those documents is they mention "teacher" and not administrator.  Most administrators, correct us if we are wrong, do not fall under the same protections as teachers.  Our understanding is anyone can file a grievance and have the use of the courts or other entities.  Anyway, the reasoning is so bad that the court rejected the file because they didn't do it right, even the most common practices were done badly by the high paid lawyers.  We told you hire some monkeys!
So more money to correct their mistakes.  Just go to trial and get it over with, if you are so confident, what are you afraid of?  

Special ED on the news and currently being investigated by the Houston Chronicle for underserving sped students in FWISD.
We know  many students are not served because of the bad process in the district.  Teachers would do their part in documenting and having to go through the RTI process just to be denied at the very end.  Too many loopholes and no support.  If you have not gotten the information teachers, TEA has informed districts that RTI is no longer needed to make a request for SPED.  All it takes is a formal request and the district must begin the process.  RTI is good for students who struggle but not THE determinant for students who have an intellectual disability.
Dr. Sutherland, we need the district to fess up because we will provide information to the newspaper on how the district has not served our students well and yet Scribner is going to get a raise?  Lack of leadership should not be rewarded.

We wanted to make sure we highlighted this posting of how Ramos works the cameras like Jackson did to make sure he gets pictures for his re-election bid.  Don't be fooled folks, he has done nothing outside of his circle of friends and cronies and yet does this...

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