Saturday, November 19, 2016


Well by now you must be sleeping in or running out of town on this much deserved break from the craziness that is FWISD.

You also have probably already read and seen what FWISD has done to cover up convicted pedophiles and abusers.  The latest is from a teacher whom OPS knew, again, about their record of abuse and the abuses and yet allowed him to move on.  This is nothing new as wee see with the coach who is still employed after OPS found enough information but our board allowed on 5-3 decision to stay.

No surprise that filth fills the halls of central administration and our children and good employees are paying the price.  These same board members and superintendent have no balls, yes ladies, to do what is right because they are bought.  They have no decency, dignity or integrity to hold offices that only hurt children not help.  You are deplorable all the way!!

Besides that, the final accountability ratings came out and it's no better if not worse than before.
While we took a look at all the schools who met standard, etc.  We found that additional schools did not meet index 1 or 2 and if the state had followed their recommendations these schools would be improvement required.  Regardless of the  met standard those schools are still not performing.  So overall, a total of 40 schools are not improving even the schools who have dual language programs who were supposed to show promise by now.  So don't be fooled by the, oh schools who have not met standard are suddenly making progress, no sir, the schools improved but not to the level needed because the board and administration don't care, don't know or care to know and have no idea how to improve.

And finally:
The Mexican Mafia circles tell us that Sal Espino, councilman, will be running for for Mayor the next time around.  He is a staunch supporter of the BAM Board President and part of the filth that has kept our communities dumb and uninformed, used for votes that have not brought anything to benefit them.  So let's get ready to oppose!  Latino or not, doesn't deserve to represent anyone.

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