Friday, December 16, 2016


Let's recall briefly when we thought the Department of Education, local District Attorney and state agencies were coming to look up the corruption of FWISD.  Politics got in the way and the politicians killed the investigations.

Now there are new entities that are looking at how corruptive our district is and while it may not single it out, it does show that eyes are looking.

The Dallas Morning News ran a very important story on how local school boards have been allowed to ruin how districts are run and lost the focus on students.  You hear the words it's for the student but they are hollow because it becomes nepotism and a badge of honor rather than an action.

We hope law and order comes to FWISD, don't forget how Ramos and Paz got full rides to TCU, family members, etc.  Basically selling their soul.

Then we have our board and super going back to class to really try and learn how to govern and help improve student outcomes.  It so happens that the school districts selected were because school are still failing and the turnaround plans were UNACCEPTABLE.  So we recall that the failed principal Hall and then Monge were the ones responsible for the plans.  Why did we think they would, they have nothing in their resume to show that they have helped turn around schools or anything remotely close.  So the board and super get to spend two days going over how they will make schools better.  If the schools do not do better then TEA can come in and if miracles do happen they can come in and take over.  Then we find out that some board members have no clue what is going on, shocker, that they wanted to know why they are going to this training.  One responded that they didn't fudge the numbers well enough so now they are stuck.  We know the district doesn't show the numbers because unless you study them well, they are not there.  Then Scribner says that scores are improving yet they never show them.  We have always asked for the numbers and only until the end of the year in June do we hear about it and by then Moss is asking again, what will be different next year and the cycle continues.


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