Wednesday, December 7, 2016


It almost sounded like 5 years to life which is how it feels for most who are working under deplorable conditions.
Last night the board decide to give him a 5 year contract to "start focusing on student achievement."  Almost quoted exactly  which means he has not been doing anything right now so in order to get it done he needed more time.  Kind of hard to focus on something when you have not developed strategies beyond names and themes of things that will improve academics in the district.

Why do you need to be bribed?  Why can't you just do what is needed because that's what you truly feel?  This tells us that you are not concerned with anything other than cashing in because no matter what, unless you truly do something stupid, you get to earn more than a million dollars in the time you are here.  You have the same people doing the same things and even the new ones have made nothing different.  What is different?  What will be different?  Why can't we have the facts of what is going on?

Can't wait to see next year after elections to hopefully start pushing people out!!

Why can't we as educators get a guarantee of a job with more money?

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