Thursday, November 10, 2016


**Administration still does not learn from the past and the new people don't seem to change direction.  Another program sent to save our kiddos and yet it becomes a compliance task to say that you did something.  A computer program does not replace the teacher and you not allowing teachers to use the program to supplement is going to kill learning.  

Dear Board Members,

I have reviewed the recent chain of emails related to Achieve3000.

To assist with the rollout, we provided campuses with flexibility. Schools are implementing more than one classroom model of Achieve3000. The post shared in the email chain seems to assume there is only one-model.  

We told principals that adjustments could be made at the campus level to compensate for technological capacity and teacher proficiency with technology. The primary differentiating factor between Achieve3000 and a campus leveled reading library is that Achieve3000 provides students, parents, and teachers with students’ specific reading levels (Lexiles).  

Unfortunately, it is true there are students in upper elementary who still are beginning readers, and Achieve3000 will not rescue them on its own. Achieve3000 is only one part of core curriculum in FWISD. A balanced literacy approach is still part of our core curriculum, and those students will require quality instruction by our teachers and leveled readers to scaffold them quickly so they can engage with the reading passages and work toward reading at their actual grade level.

Achieve3000 is currently available district-wide on multiple platforms and has been performing effectively, according to many faculty and staff.  We currently have 1:1 at High Schools, as well as the computer labs and libraries for those students who have not received their laptops.  In our Middle Schools, currently there is a 3:1 computer to student ratio with plans on adding additional Computers on Wheels (COWS).  In our Elementary campuses, we are using the Virtual Desktops for this solution, as well as several other applications and are striving to further bolster our technological infrastructure.

We will monitor this closely and keep you informed.

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