Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The reality tonight is that the past seems to repeat itself no matter how much stamping of approval from current board members it gets... plain and simple unethical individuals, breaking even the simplest of rules, this from a source:

In Aug of this school year Linares and Vicki Burris had the Board approve an ADDITIONAL construction procurement process which this board did for this upcoming bond program because of the 1999 shortcomings which the methodology was on what they call (CSP) Competitive Sealed Proposal, because the district could use best value.
Understand this was researched a year by the past bond leader Dansby along with a group of architects and engineers. It was highly successful for the 2007 bond issue.
However, you must have a highly qualified staff to compete with CSP. AS YOU REMEMBER, it Avila and Manning who requested the change thru Linares, Burris, and Needham. The ultimate and most importance reason was that Avila DID NOT QUALIFY under CSP because of fact that all of his veteran staff WALKED OUT after he became CEO! Therefore, a need to add the procurement methodology of (CMR) Construction Manager at Risk. This is how Avila qualifies under Turner Construction with their approval.
(2) Although the argument MAY BE legal, the perception as the FWST article states, is a horrible indictment of the Board, the District, future bond programs which you all seem to have enough trust issues especially after the Supt fiasco. You really need to understand who Linares really works for and why the need to drag feet for her to stay. The MAIN ISSUE which bothers taxpayers and citizens knowing a little about the law is the statement Paz made as quoted ”He’s (Avila) been very forthright and transparent about this situation” but unfortunately by law if he has talked to ANY Board Member about his interest in any project involving this District it is AGAINST the law because of influence and conflict of interest. Paz just let the cat out of the bag.
(3) This guy Andrew Wheat is exactly right as “With the trouble that has come before why go there”! You all are glutons for punishment and this could be a HUGE PUNISHMENT for all the board if this keeps happening. Always keep in mind thatAvila was selected to run against Martinez by whom???? Isaac Manning and their group? Who is Isaac Manning but head of bond steering committee!!!! You must certainly know that it was Manning and his group along with Needham and Jackson who pushed Speer to run against YOU!! It is also common knowledge with FWISD followers that Dansby told Avila several times he would not be on the Bond Management Team. We know REALLY why Dansby is gone and I guarantee you most Board Members don’t want to go there.

I truly believe if this passes that the entire board will held accountable and could be headed for another FBI investigation. A Board Member should ask at this time for an external audit of the process used to select them and also Linares, Burris, Needham, and especially Manning as control. CAN YOU SEE THE REALLY BIG PICTURE?????

So PAZ what do you say now?


  1. This bond has been a disaster from the beginning. Dansby in bed with the over site company, too much money involved, suddenly not enough money because of an increase in the overall cost of projects. One lie after another. This is Tocco all over again and we know Linares' connection with him. The difference that I see with this is the corruption isn't even trying to be hidden. It's all out in the open. Everything is transparent because we've got Avila saying because I filled out all the paperwork it's ok for my company to accept a $55 million contract from the school district I wasn't elected to represent. Maybe that's why he thinks it's ok , he wasn't actually elected so the rules and ethics don't apply to him. Sims is out fishing for his share of the money with his, I think we should have talked about it and I'm concerned routine. We know who else will get kick backs. This is exactly why this bond NEVER should have been passed. The kids deserve better facilities, so do teachers but with this corruption we can't afford it.

  2. While I do not know if it is Bass money backing him or not, I do know the "mastermind" (what a play on words that is) behind all this insider trading and corruption is Ray Dickerson. This guy's activities and influence have got to be on someone's radar. Wake up Ashley!!!!!! These guys are not about kids.

  3. Ashley, Ashley!!!May 26, 2015 at 7:02 PM

    Omg, it's like we have our own younger version of Sarah Palin!!! Can somebody please get this clueless person a tutor!!! Ashley if you're reading this, please try and appear like you know what your are doing!!! Do your homework, stop agreeing without any inquiry, ask questions, Hell make a list of them if you must, and most importantly DO NOT ASSUME THAT MANAGEMENT tells the truth! Do you you not even entertain the possibility that some people have a self serving agenda that has nothing to do with our students? For pity's sake woman, do your job and stop being a rubber stamp!!!!! At the end of the day at least you will have earned some respect and if we are really lucky perhaps you may help our students!

  4. WOW, the board just voted against Avila and his transparent bid . Ramos
    abstained as did Avila. Only Robbins and Paz voted for it. It was a
    stinker from the get go and you know how you can tell it was absolutely
    rotten? Needham voted against it. Hurrah for Ann for fighting against
    this and speaking out against Linares and her cronies on staff. Nice of Sims and Moss to vote against it too.

  5. Hail to SutherlandMay 26, 2015 at 9:31 PM

    You go Dr Sutherland! I am tired of the other board members trying to hush our hero! You could not censor her she got re elected! Dr Sutherland demands respect and who care how mad that makes Linares!