Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We are fresh off the elections and the administration is once again maneuvering to keep the same people in place and secure their spot.

Thanks to Dr. Sutherland we know that some people will be getting promotions and one that is coming back.

So tell us how their qualifications have helped improve our students.  Tell us how many people were interviewed for the position and their qualities?  As a board member I would ask very poignant questions to make sure we did not pass over really qualified people.

Does Molinar need more money to fix up her wardrobe?  I mean if that's the case we can get donations to get her a few sizes bigger.

So more raises to the top... but Cherie, our friend, is coming back.  Guess she couldn't handle it in Dallas?    So tell us that after two years she is now qualified to be asst super?  You need at least three years to be a principal but guess if you have connections you get fast tracked.  What achievements does she bring from her current position?  What does she bring from EHHS?  But we knew this would happen because of her connections to Jackson.  (I guess Jackson likes to also play with residence policies.. so happens that Ms. Washington lives in Mansfield, Tx and not even in the district.)  Interesting how laws and policies only apply to certain people and not all..)

Dr. Sutherland is correct, the new Super should choose his people.  Do board members really ask themselves why we are in the state we are?  Do you not realize that the same people you are promoting are the ones that have contributed to the current state of the district?  I guess Continuous Improvement means nothing if you keep recycling the same thing.  In this case we recycle crap over and over.  Vote NO Dr. Sutherland for these positions.  So Tobi, will you vote for change or vote favoritism?  Also why are there no hispanic being promoted, is the pool that shallow that we can't get better?


  1. So Dr Sutherland, why weren't these Asst Supt positions posted? Weren't they legally supposed to be? Yet they were handed off? I'm sure you won't respond!

  2. How fitting that at the very FIRST Board meeting after the election the CLOWN show begins. OK Tobi - where's that "change" you promised UEA?
    Hiring Cherie Washington is a slap in the face to every teacher and child in this District. This person is yet ANOTHER incompetent idiot who was repeatedly promoted based on nepotism and patronage. She was so respected at EHHS that she had to use a BULLHORN to get the attention of students in her school in hallways. This idiot knows NOTHING about educating children. This is what D2 gets with Tobi. Two peas in a pod. One knows no more about educating children than the other. And down the drain FWISD continues to go. I for one will not stop publicly decrying the continued travesties by this Board and administration. How ridiculous to saddle a new super with this motley crew. Disgusting. No announcements for these positions either. That should be a EEO violation in the least.

  3. Three of us--Ramos, Paz and i--voted against them after a lively discussion in exec session. We needed 2 more votes and a little more time.

  4. You mean he was actually awake?

  5. Dr. Sims was under treatment for a serious illness some years ago and I am told he did drop off. He hasn't during the last few years.

  6. Is it your story to tell?May 16, 2015 at 7:51 PM

    Talk about a backhanded complement. You may not comprehend this, but people's personal situations are typically their own personal business. Unless, of course, you have his permission to discuss such matters in such a public forum. In which case, you have my apologies.

  7. Is it your story to tell?May 17, 2015 at 9:43 AM

    Thank you for deleting your comment, Ann.

  8. You are truly disgusting. Too bad Sims shows NO ONE ELSE the courtesy Ann attempted - in spite of what he has repeatedly done to her. Hope you have finally learned your lesson Ann. These people are pigs. Sims voted to censure you He contributes NOTHING except for being one on two Blacks bought and paid for. He and Needham should have been indicted years ago for 'helping themselves" to Bond -provided concrete. He should have retired LONG ago.

  9. Here's a snapshot of the real T.A. Sims. No pillar of integrity: http://archive.fwweekly.com/content.asp?article=2392